Mass Planner White Label License


70 accounts
$ 25
  • 70 social accounts
  • All automation features
  • 11 social media platforms
  • Premium customer support


100 accounts
$ 30
  • 100 social accounts
  • All automation features
  • 11 social media platforms
  • Premium customer support


200 accounts
$ 50
  • 200 social accounts
  • All automation features
  • 11 social media platforms
  • Premium customer support


500 accounts
$ 100
  • 500 social accounts
  • All automation features
  • 11 social media platforms
  • Premium customer support



  • Facebook – Bump – mark deleted posts as finalized
  • Facebook – Bump – added new option to hide pending bumps
  • Facebook – Contact – Extract Members – added new option to extract liked pages


  • Global Tools – Create Accounts – added new option to add the account to social profiles directly from the settings tab
  • Global Tools – Create Accounts – Allow creation of accounts without requiring an email
  • Instagram Like Tool – When sending to extract posts automatically extract number of likes, views, comments, caption without needing to check the option to extract additional user details
  • Settings Social Platforms Instagram – Added option called ‘Automatically fix temporarily locked accounts’. Use it if you want the fix temp locked accounts to be done automatically
  • Instagram Contact Tool – Send Messages added option to Import with priority. Use it if you want the import users and/or import users in multiple accounts to import them with priority (to be on top of the list) to be sent before the other users in the list


  • Youtube – Watch videos – added copy specific videos source feature


  • Facebook – Cover Photo – Fix error code 43 on new UI
  • Facebook – Invite friends to page – fixed clicking on the More actions button (error code 43)
  • Campaign – Facebook – Share on groups – fixed sharing posts on groups (error code 163 – new UI)
  • Fixed issue with missing items from Social Profiles
  • Facebook – prevent the publishing of mangled post text on the new ui
  • Facebook – handle ‘Posting an offer, discount, or deal’ popup when publishing on Facebook Pages
  • Instagram – fixed issue with temporarily locked accounts handling in the embedded browser
  • Instagram – fixed issue with auto comment in the embedded browser
  • Twitter – Follow – fixed user Tweeted over X days filter
  • Settings – Connectivity – fixed using accounts
  • Facebook – Invite Friends to Groups – fixed inviting friends to groups (error code 34 – new UI)
  • Pinterest – Follow – fixed clicking on follow button
  • Linkedin – Send message / Add note – fixed sending [FIRSTNAME] correctly when name starts with emoji
  • Instagram – fixed issue with reset password handling in the embedded browser
  • Linkedin – Search and Contact – fixed sending out secondary messages
  • Facebook – Invite friends to page – fixed clicking on Send invitations button (new UI) error code 43
  • Facebook – Bump – fixed exporting all results
  • Facebook – Joiner – fixed selecting the correct answer
  • Campaign – Facebook – fixed detecting admin validated posts. (new UI)
  • Facebook – Fixed page sync issue
  • Social profiles – clear cookies – status now changed to Pending after the clear cookies command
  • Facebook – Fixed issue extracting the permalink of a new post
  • Instagram Follow Tool – Fixed like before follow to work when using only Embedded browser option.
  • Campaign – Facebook – fixed clicking on Share on groups button (error code 163 – new UI)
  • Facebook – Invite to groups – fixed typing in the invited accounts. (error code 34 – new UI)
  • Instagram – Email validation in the embedded browser – fixed issue with detecting 24 hours review
  • Instagram – Fixed issue detecting disabled accounts in the embedded browser
  • Pinterest – Fixed login issues

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