What is Retainio?

Retainio is  brand new tool that will help you create ‘Micro Buzz’ styled viral sites that almost force your website visitors to engage with your interactive content while getting them addicted and returning over and over again.

It’s very easy to use for create a viral site, no required skills.

Besides the basic features for drafting content, Retainio has all the elements that will make your website look irresistible to interact with:  create polls, conversion, insert call to actions, Amazon products, autoresponder opt-in form,…

retainio features

You can share these posts on Facebook, automatically add amazon affiliate offers related to your posts, generate leads with our extraordinary content-locking system or make visitors click on any call-to-action!

The opportunities are limitless.

Key Features

There’s so many features that Retainio boasts like:

  • Tons of different content creation modules
  • The ability to embed your Retainio post anywhere online
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Automatic Amazon affiliate income


retainio price

Our Bonus

As usual, I’ll give the extra bonuses for those who buys products through my site. To claim this bonuses, after completing the transaction, kindly forward the receipt to me at: [email protected]

  1. Free use Canva Pro for 1 year (worth $99)
  2. Free use Elementor Pro licensed for your 3 websites (worth $99)
  3. All themes & plugins on MyThemShop –
  4. Free course Affiliate Marketing Virtual Summit 2020 (worth $97) –

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