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Online logo generators are considered an effective solution for any e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to make a functional and attractive logo as a representation of their brand. In this complete Looka review, we are addressing why Looka is among the most impressive online logo generators in the current market and how you can get the most of their service to create the most beautiful and suitable logo for your business.

To have a better idea of how Looka can immediately create a logo that fits your tastes, style, and requirements, keep reading below.

What is Looka?

Looka is known as a reliable online logo generator that makes the most out of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to produce appealing and original logos at once. This platform provides you with full control over the enterprise logo design process by giving you every necessary tool to design your logo. Not all, it excels at putting together all of the logo design’s elements smoothly to match your vision – you do not need to get involved in any type of design training!

What makes them stand out from other online logo generators out there today is, they feature more premium graphics, icons, and fonts that help you make a logo that represents your brand authentically. Their genuine belief is that it should be fun, simple, fast, and well-priced to create a logo, and they have realized that precisely through their excellent online service. The logos Looka has generated are all unique – they do not leverage any pre-designed templates which they regurgitate for different customers. The artificial intelligence technology that Looka applies pulls together a wide range of “ingredients” for each logo depending on your wants so you can make a bespoke logo right away.

Key Features

Surprise it is not just the online logo generator that is, for sure, their primary feature and service – they offer extra attributes and services as well. All together, they make Looka a one-stop shop for the brilliant creation and design of logos.


This logo maker gives you crisp, all-set PNG files for presentations, websites, and others, so your logo ends up having a good look wherever you use it.


You can see their logos ready in EPS and SVG files; thus, resizing your logo as big or as small as you prefer without it pixelating cannot be more comfortable. Thanks to this feature, you will feel flexible to use the logo no matter where you need to, let it be in print, or on signs. Wherever your logo has to represent your company, it will never hold you back.


Looka offers your logo on not just colored and transparent backgrounds but black and white versions. So, you can use the design for any occasion. For example, the colored background is fantastic for your signage and business cards while you rarely go wrong with a transparent background for your products and website. Meanwhile, the black and white version is suitable for marketing materials. See, you have every single base covered.


As you buy your logo, Looka will provide you with a downloadable resource with specifics about the colors and fonts used during the process of creating your logo. That is why you can maintain consistency all over your website and any other branding. Also, with it, you will never forget what you should call your typeface as or the precise HEX numbers for a single brand color – you will be able to reach the information quickly.


This resource is tremendously useful as more than 40 various sizes of your logo are all ready for use on profile and banner images for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Favicons, Etsy, etc. The kit will be your time-saver in the case of resizing your logo to suit the unique profile picture dimensions of each social platform. In other words, the consistency stays across every one of your social channels.


Since you buy your logo, Looka offers you the whole copyright ownership so that you can use the newly created logo for any non-commercial or commercial purposes. For any business, it is a crucial asset to own.


There are times that technology fails to work the way you want it to do. Whether you are having difficulty in accessing your logo design files, you need help tweaking the designs or simply getting started, this reliable logo maker delivers lifetime phone support so that you can make or use your logo seamlessly as you wish.


As we touched above, Looka does not rely on pre-designed logo templates, which they switch up for all the customers – it is their artificial intelligence technology that designs individual logos. That way, your logo will become a precious mix and match with your preferences from their massive library of design assets. On top of that, each logo generated by the Looka logo generator is brand-new and unique, so you will not have to doubt whether you are the only company that has it.


The generator of Looka creates an unlimited amount of mockups to help you view and edit no matter how many logo ideas you desire for free. When you have finished creating a logo, continue to scroll down the page to see new logo mockups keep refreshing. So, you will never run out of prospective logo ideas, and there is a higher chance you will find one (or several!) that you genuinely love.


Looka is well-known as one of the most potent and advanced online logo generators out there these days, and the services and features that they deliver manage to set them apart from other strong competitors. The sophisticated artificial intelligence technology they employ gets to know your logo design preferences thoroughly and gets the most out of that information to pull applicable design elements from their vast library of logo assets to generate a cohesive logo that will be the best fit for your tastes.

If you are searching for a reasonably-priced and fast way of making a top-grade logo for your business which you can leverage across your website, stationery, signage, products, and more, then think about using the service provided by Looka to instantly produce a beautiful and functional logo which is sure an authentic representation of your brand.

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