Kyvio is a new marketing platform which can be used to sell online products such as digital and physical ones. It comes with a Funnel Builder, Email Marketing Center, Membership Builder, and an Affiliate Center.

With many functions, Kyvio can be confused with the unique selling point. In my opinion, I think this one is towards membership websites via optimized sales funnels.

So what is the own feature of Kyvio? The question is answered in this article below. Read this Kyvio reviews carefully and you can know the difference of Kyvio from Squarespace, Wix, and ClickFunnels.

What is Kyvio?

Websites play important roles in our modern life. We can connect to the internet easily via our phones no matter where we are. With Squarespace and Wix, popular website builders, and content management systems such as Drupa and WordPress, why do we still need to use Kyvio?

This tool can be used to convert your visitors into customers via its feature called sales funnels. In fact, Kyvio was called InstaSuite. It, together with ClickFunnels, Leadpages, is such an amazing tool we need today.

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First Impressions

The first time I have ever known about Kyvio was when I encountered it on AppSumo. It was during Kyvio’s brief lifetime deal. I fact, the first impression is not really great.

Frankly, Kyvio is suitable for people who want to work and focus on building valuable courses. Although Kyvio lacks some certain features which WordPress’ Restrict Content Pro + Page Builder or ClickFunnels owns, it still has its own advantage to grow in the future.

Now is the time to look further into how this tool performs, compared with its competitors.

Kyvio Review – Key Features

Kyvio is still a web-based application for most of your online marketing purposes. It currently consists of 5 built-in apps that you can use separately or all together. The apps included are:

  • Smart Funnels. This is the (hosted) Marketing Pages and Funnel Builder app. You can create unlimited and any Sales Funnel you want with just a few clicks (drag & drop simple).
  • Smart Products. A new Module to “create” and deliver your products and integrate with checkout page.
  • Smart Membership Sites. This allows you to manage and create unlimited Membership Levels with all features you need.
  • Smart Mailer. This is the Email Marketing/Autoresponder app with Opt-in Builder. This application allows you to capture leads from within your sales funnels.
  • Smart Affiliates. This is a full Affiliate Application that can automatically track and calculate affiliate commissions.

How it works?

Watch this video below and see how Kyvio works

Kyvio vs ClickFunnels

Kyvio is unpolished. But it is cheaper than ClickFunnels. In fact, you just need around 29$ to own Kyvio but have to pay more than 3 times to use ClickFunnels.

If ClickFunnels focuses on Membership Funnel, Kyvio focuses on Membership Module. It means Kyvio is better if you need extra lessons for members depending on the level they reach. ClickFunnels can’t meet this demand!

However, Kyvio is not as easy as ClickFunnels to be used. ClickFunnels is easier to use for Sales Funnels system.

Kyvio vs WordPress

If you just need to sell things online, Kyvio is your choice. It is hosted so you can work well without worrying about security or speed. But WordPress is better in case you need funnels.

Kyvio is just $29 per month and that is the reason why it can not come with any affiliate software. If you need to connect with these sites, you have to upgrade it and need from $69 to $100 per month, however, it can not help much. Kyvio can only give 100 affiliates for the price $100 each month.

WordPress, in comparison, is better in improving affiliate marketing. AffiliateWP and Restrict Content Pro or Affiliate Royale and MemberPress and can be a better choice in this case.

Should you buy Kyvio?

If you do not want to pay much, up to $97 per month, Kyvio can be a good choice. In case you do not want to use ClickFunnel’s membership Funnel but still want to own a good products module, you can also choose Kyvio.


Kyvio is a kind of SaaS-based sales funnels software which has many chances to develop. Although the smart funnel module is still raw until now, its membership module works well, despite not being as good as Restrict Content Pro or MemberPress.

Because of the lifetime AppSumo license, Kyvio is suitable for you to use. It is valuable. Even without the lifetime license, that Kyvio has reasonable price means it is practical for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to launch a free website focusing on conversion.

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