KWFinder: What is it?

By KWFinder, we refer to a cloud-based tool for keyword research that helps you create the perfect keyword ideas for use on everything from website content, blog posts, landing pages, to copy on pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Released by Peter Hrbacik in August 2014, KWFinder has shortly become one of the most reliable and popular keyword research tools out there.

Since then, this team has kept on enhancing its flagship gadget, with three additional tools to its portfolio. It has also rechristened the firm as Mangools, which is essentially the managing hub for every SEO tool provided by the enterprise.

  • KWFinder – The potent tool for keyword research and analysis. You can use it for long-tail and short keyword research
  • LinkMiner – A backlink checker tool with a massive database of eight trillion backlinks.
  • SERPChecker – An analysis tool on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) competitors. It features 45+ SEO metrics
  • SERPWatcher – A rank tracking tool designed with ease of use and effectivity in mind
  • SiteProfiler – Check the SEO authority of any domain or URL

Notably, all of the tools mentioned above are cloud-based, incredibly simple to use, and super fast.

For this review, we are going to focus on KWFinder, its flagship tool.

Key features of KWFinder

KWFinder provides many different features and perks to help you do efficient keyword research for your website. They include:

Search Volume

What is the point of doing your best to rank for keywords when people are not searching for them? The overall purpose of ranking for keywords is to become displayed as a suggested result to those who seek information on the search engine. That is why you should be sure that you are targeting relevant keywords people have typed into Google, etc.

KWFinder provides data that displays the search volume per month for each keyword. That way, you will be able to know whether the keyword has actually been being searched for or not, and if it is, approximately how many searches it gains monthly. By using this data, you can determine which keywords are worthy of your effort and time to rank for depending on the volume, which they get searched together with their difficulty.

Related Keywords

As you search for one keyword on this tool, KWFinder will provide you with the data for not only that keyword but also other relevant keywords. It is particularly helpful since you may think that you have selected an excellent keyword to target, yet there are probably other similar keywords that either are less hard to rank for or have a more sizable monthly search volume – you might not otherwise have thought about targeting them.

What is more, keep in mind that small differences in the keywords’ spelling and phrasing can affect their ranking difficulty or how often they are searched. Thus, crucially, you check other similar keywords to the one you are attempting to target.

Because these are things you might not have otherwise accounted for, take the time to read the collection of other suggested keywords to decide where other choices for you are the better fit for your needs.

SEO Difficulty

On the one hand, you can find many great keywords to rank for. One the other hand, if your website is new, you may not stand a fighting chance to give them rank very shortly. Preferably, when you try to rank in a search engine, you expect your web page to get to the top ten of the results that show up on Google, etc. for a specific keyword. That way, you have listed on the front page – As per public information, a minimal number of searchers click beyond the search engine results’ first page. Based on the keyword you plan on ranking for, still, it may be tough to rank on page one of the search engine.

Thanks to a valuable system delivered by KWFinder, you can define each keyword’s difficulty, and hence the difficulty in making it to the first page of Google search results – for example. Their system places each keyword in a particular category (i.e., a number and color) to help you determine if it is worth targeting. The range of their colors is from red (as the most challenging) to orange, yellow, and next green (as the least challenging). For the numbers, they range from 0 (as the minimum) to 100 (as the maximum).

The data for SEO difficulty has to do with multiple factors of the first SERP – for instance, page authority, domain authority, the URL’s MozTrust, and the URL’s MozRank. While it is pretty technical, intricacies of the ranking factors aside, it presents a benchmark so that you can measure each keyword against.

Search by Location & Language

This feature is particularly helpful if your target market is wholly directed to one area or is the one who speaks one of the 40 languages recognizable in KWFinder. Narrow down the list of possible keywords to the nation, state, or city which applies the best to you. By so doing, you will be able to gain a more localized insight into the things your target market is indeed seeking. So, you can make the best, most informed decisions for your business, wherever your target market or you are located.

Discover Which Websites Rank for Individual Keywords

Count on the “Search By Domain” tab of KWFinder to discover what you are up against with Google’s front page’s top-ranking results, thus understanding which websites have already positioned for particular keywords as well as what their rank related to SEO difficulty is.

This data allows you to see whom you will compete for this keyword with, and the level of strength your own rankings will need to be to meet or even exceed their ranking.
Moreover, it is a practical tool to show you how quality the content of your competitor is, which allows you to prepare yours to be that good or more excellent than theirs. Note that since you see sites in this field, say Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, or other top-ranking websites, the high chances are that you will not be able to surpass their rank — or at least, performing better than them will be tough. Imagine how great their domains are!

KWFinder Pricing

Here are the pricing plans if you decide to opt for annual payment. By opting for an annual package, you can save up to 40% on your total bill.

  • Mangools Basic – $29.90/mo
  • Mangools Premium – $39.90/mo
  • Mangools Agency – $79.90/mo

Here are the pricing plans if you decide to make monthly payments:

  • Mangools Basic – $49/mo
  • Mangools Premium – $69/mo
  • Mangools Agency – $129/mo


KWFinder is known as one of the best, most user-oriented, and complete tools intended for keyword data and research. If you want to reach the best decisions for your website in the case of SEO, relying on KWFinder can be useful for your determination on the most relevant keywords for the site that you are capable of ranking for and that Google users are already looking for.

Owing to the keyword search volume, you will be able to figure out which keywords people have been searching for the most, find out related keywords that make sense for your business, identify the individual keyword’s SEO difficulty. That way, you can grasp your chances for ranking and reduce the keywords down to your target market’s location for localized accuracy. What is more, the tool enables you to discover your competition to see whether and how you can have a higher rank than them.
All in all, the data will help you arrive at better decisions for your firm, so you reach data-driven results to assist you in making your web pages optimal for search engines most effectively.

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