Klippyo Review

Klippyo review

Klippyo is a video creation tool that creates professional, engaging videos right from your mobile device!

What is Klippyo?

In short, Klippyo is the last video creator tools that you will ever need, but going into detail Klippyo by the Viddyoze team is much more than your everyday video creator. This is a super efficient and speedy way to create highly engaging and professional videos from anywhere. Yep, you heard it right. With Klippyo you can create videos straight from your mobile device and of course your desktop.

Klippyo Key Features


Its name might sound strange to you, but you could probably get a glimpse about it. If you are thinking about the meme video, you are right. Meme’ify feature is a fun feature which allows you to meme your video in one single tap.

Rich customization properties

There is no such thing like Klippyo because it boasts fantastic customization features that will help you make more dynamic videos. From the web-based software, you can easily add emoticons, emojis, text effects, quotes, images, and many more. You need to click or drag the object to the video. That’s it.

Intros and outros templates

Hiring a video editor to make a catchy intro can be hefty for you. Klippyo eliminates this hardship. The pre-made animated intro and outro templates are available in the software. The best thing about it is that you can edit the intros and outros as you desire. You could customize animated texts, backgrounds, sound effects, and so on. The possibility is almost endless.

The built-in intro and outro are also evergreen so that you can use them for various purposes. Imagine how many bucks you can save during the usage of the tool.

Automatic captions

We could give two thumbs up to this feature. The automatic captions are the fantastic feature which automatically generates text-based captions for your video. But if you want more accurate captions, you could also make the script by yourself and upload the .srt files. This feature is a game changer. It will help you to reach wider audiences.

Stock video library

You don’t have to shoot your video to make a new one. The good thing about Klippyo provides a stock video library for its users. In the klippyo member area, You are eligible to access thousands of videos that you can use freely for any purpose. Just pick the video you want and edit them with few clicks.

“Software as A Service”

Klippyo software is coming as a service, rather than the application. So, you don’t need to download anything to your computer or laptop. You need to open your browser and use your credentials to log in. The web-based software is ready to use by then. It also has a mobile app which you can access through your smartphone or tablet. You can make videos while on the go, anywhere you want.

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