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What is Instazood?

Instazood is known as an online-based social media software intended for automating various tasks, like uploading images, following new users, tracking comments, sending direct messages, to name a few. The tool’s purpose is to save you time by making simple tasks automatic.

What is also outstanding is that you can download the app for this tool on your computer or use it directly in your web browser. Some of the automation gadgets, such as Jarvee, ask you to run the software on the computer after downloading it – which is inconvenient. Instazood makes things much more straightforward.

Key Features of Instazood

Instazood provides various excellent features that promise to make it easier and quicker to manage and grow your account. Below are some of the notable attributes of this tool.

100% Bot Automation

Instazood enables the comprehensive automation of your account on Instagram. This Instagram bot does a fantastic job in place of you – say, following other accounts, liking posts, and leaving comments. Not all, you can view stories from Instagram users who use relevant geolocations and hashtags to your account. Thanks to Instazood, you will be able to automate unfollowing users as well. Full automation allows you to optimize your interactions and boost the number of impressions gained by your profile on this social network platform.

Post Scheduling

Another brilliant feature that Instazood delivers is scheduling and managing your posts. The feature lets you upload your photos, write captions, and set particular times for your content to go live. Since the tool can post straight to your Instagram account, there is no need to worry about keeping up with your reminders. It is considered a fantastic feature for busy business owners and marketers who may not have enough time to post each day. Above all, with the post scheduling attribute of Instazood, you will be able to schedule an endless number of posts, meaning that you can decide in detail what you are going to share for weeks out.

Comments Manager

The comment manager that Instazood features will enable you to track and keep abreast of your comments in a convenient place. Thanks to it, you can mark significant comments and will not forget to get back to them later. Besides, you can use the tool to delete and reply to comments as well as marking them as read.

Auto Direct Message

The auto direct message tool from Instazood will let you send messages to not only followers but also non-followers. With it, you can deliver welcome messages to your new followers so that they have a bit further information about your brand or can direct to your website. Plus, the tool allows you to add photos to your messages. By using this auto direct message feature, you will be able to send a whopping 120 messages daily.

Hashtag Targeting

Instazood leverages hashtag targeting to define accounts with the most likeliness to follow and interact with your Instagram profile. This brilliant feature enables you to connect with users that already express an active interest in your niche. The high possibility that these will engage with your profile; that is why they are the most suitable accounts to interact with. 

Location Targeting

Use the location targeting function to either interact only with accounts that are near you or in particular cities and countries. This feature is fantastic for businesses that operate conventionally rather than (or as well as) over the Internet and expect to interact with users with the ability to visit their location physically.

Sleek Dashboard

The sleek dashboard will not disappoint you as it works to help you keep track of your analytics and interactions in one place. You can add as many as 100 Instagram accounts to this dashboard.

Customer Support

Users of Instazood appreciate access to customer support for assistance with technical issues. Their customer support team is not available at any time, and every day, they respond to you within 24 hours as you contact them.

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Instazood pricing starts at $9.99 per month, per user.There is a free version of Instazood.I nstazood does offer a free trial. See additional pricing details for Instazood below.

How it works?

Technology Details

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Language Support

  • English


Instazood may be useful for drawing more attention to your Instagram post. While it has not worked on other social media sites, it enables plenty of Instagram management. The tool is excellent for those with multiple accounts as well. Businesses can count on it to engage with their customers and gain a more in-depth understanding of their demands. The manager is great at tracking followers, likes, and comments every single day. It is similar to getting yourself a social media team. Likewise, individuals may find it helpful by managing interactions with others.

Because it is your time and energy saving, you can shift the focus to other things such as collaborations. The enterprise believes in the power that automatic assistance delivers and, more often than not, lets a bot get the job done. You can try the service for free for 72 hours. Then choose to pay for help as you wish. There are prices by month and the option to cancel anytime. You need to search for the terms of use, but do not worry – it does not take time at all as they are on the website. If boosting popularity online is your primary goal, it is wise of you to give Instazood a try.

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