GrowViral Review

growviral review

What is Grow Viral?

GrowViral is a brand new software for marketers who like free traffic. It uses a unique referral system combined with social traffic and email to help users to generate more traffic leads and sales.

It does this using 3 key tools:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Unlockable Milestone Rewards
  • Competitive & interactive contests.

When customers purchase GrowViral. They’ll be able to quickly and easily create viral campaigns that they can then embed on their Opt-in Pages or welcome pages.

GrowViral features

GrowViral is the software that automatically grows your subscriber list!
Simply swap out your old opt-in forms for a new Grow Viral form.
Everyone who joins your subscriber list will now become an advocate.
They’ll automatically share your Opt-in page in order to gain points and prizes.
That’s just the beginning though because you can use this software in many different ways.

1. Pre-launch campaigns

Add a form to a pre-launchcampaign. New subscribers can win prizes for sharing your
pre-launch page with their  friends over social media.

2. Opt-in Lead Gen campaigns

Offer rewards for when  new subscribers register. When subscribers share your Opt-in page with their  friends they unlock new rewards.

3. Ecommerce Campaigns

When a new customer makes a purchase from your ecommerce store. Offer a coupon discount off their next purchase in exchange for them sharing the product they purchased with their friends over Social Media.

How it works?

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