Grabvid Review

grabvid review

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What is Grabvid?

GrabVid is a video creation software that will provide you with many tools such as translations, voice-overs, captioning, and more for your video editing. It will also allow you to get premium-free content from Youtube and other sites. This software will surely help you make captivating videos and make your video creation experience worthwhile!

Grabvid’s Key Features

Transcription and Translation Feature

Transcription and translation are two main highlights of the work that GrabVid can do for you. The software is able to automatically transcribe your videos in just a short amount of time. It spontaneously creates captions for your videos by using your video’s audio and converting them into text with the help of the software’s excellent artificial intelligence. GrabVid then provides you with ready to use subtitles for your videos. You may choose to automatically apply these transcriptions to your videos and may also turn off the automated option at any time.

GrabVid is not just able to transcribe your videos but can also even translate it for you as well! Plus, too many available languages! There are lots of languages you can choose from and you can pick to translate your video to whatever language is available. Additionally, you may choose to also put your translated texts into subtitles for your video.

Convert Your Video to Audio or Audio to Text

GrabVid also offers you an option to convert your videos to audios. You may choose to convert it raw or may also choose to convert the translated one. Transcription of audio to text is also available and you may also choose to translate the text to another language.

Excellent Voiceover

GrabVid also offers automated voice overs for your video! You just have to choose whether you want to use a female or a male voice; and the system will do the work for you. Once done, you can choose to modify the tone and timbre of the voice according to your preferences.

Hassle-Free, Fast and Safe

GrabVid is very easy to use software wherein you can edit your videos basically with just a click of almost everything and it helps you save a lot of time! Its features are almost automated and everything is processed in just minutes even when transcribing or translating your videos. GrabVid is also for sure safe to use and is very reliable as it edits your videos without violating any TOS.

Video Source is Not A Problem

Video sourcing is not a hassle in GrabVid as you can use either your own videos or snatch videos from others. When you want to use your own videos, you can upload it from your devices easily. As for getting videos from others, you can easily get videos from Youtube and other sites that are available.

Lots of Customization Tools Available

There are lots of customization tools that you can use from GrabVid — from simple animations, caption edits, to ready-made templates, blending effects and more. GrabVid allows you to enter text captions and design your subtitles: you may choose to change the font design, color, size and you may move it to any area of your video frame. You can also freely insert other videos and images and may also get these video clips and photos from a premium stock gallery as you have free access for those. DFY templates that are ready to use are also available from lots of available websites to help you with your designs.

To add more excitement to your videos, you may freely style by blending and fading effects, adding filters, changing backgrounds, inserting animations, and more. You can even modify opacity levels of every element like emoji, images, and more that is inserted to your video. Choose to pro-edit your audio effects, as well as GrabVid, provides lots of customization tools varying from audio gain to audio speed set-ups.

Cloud Storage System

You do not have to worry about how you can always have access to your videos whenever you feel like editing because GrabVid only needs internet access for you to be able to use it. Its system is purely cloud based, hence allowing you to use it to any device anywhere and anytime. You do not need to download anything or install any application to your device before using it. Plus, you can upload and share your finished video directly to many social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

How it works?

Watch the demo video below to see DoodleMaker in action and have a look at its functionally and features.

GrabVid Price

Early Bird Pricing During Launch:

FE1 – GrabVid Personal: $37 one-time
FE2 – GrabVid Commercial: $47 one-time
OTO1 – GrabVid Unlimited Template Club: $97 one-time
OTO2 – GrabVid Unlimited: $67 one-time
OTO3 – GrabVid Agency: $97 for 100 sub-accounts or $197 for 500 sub-accounts

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