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Instagram Scraper 101: How to scrape Instagram posts, comments…

Instagram, thе popular photo, and vidеo-sharing social mеdia platform ownеd by Facеbook is a hugе sourcе of social data. Unlikе Facеbook, Instagram doеs not hold as much pеrsonal data as Facеbook doеs. Howеvеr, thе wеalth of othеr information that still has a pеrsonal touch to it is ovеrwhеlming, еspеcially among millеnnia. Data of intеrеst on […]

TikTok Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide for Brands in 2020

tiktok marketing strategy

What began as an “only alright” video-sharing application in China (known as Douyin in its local nation) has become widespread in the American market as the most fantastic spot to be for the US. youth. That is not all; brand marketers are not a long way behind where the crowd goes. In any case, TikTok […]

How To Download Instagram Stories?

how to download instagram stories

Many people used to be sceptical as Instagram released its Stories feature in August 2016. It was the Stories model that the spectacularly successful Snapchat was wholly built on, and a lot of individuals thought the version of Instagram would tank. In contrast, it has taken only about 365 days for Instagram Stories to win […]

How to Embed Instagram Feed on Website

how to embed instagram feed on website

The incredible aesthetics and promotional capabilities have significantly contributed to the ever-increasing popularity of Instagram among marketers recently. With these capabilities, a growing trend is to integrate a feed on this social platform with the website and other online storefronts, to use Instagram to the best advantage. But what is an Instagram feed? It refers […]

Instagram Post Planner

A lot of brands reach their followers through Instagram. With over one billion active Instagram users per month, the odds are high that plenty of your intended customers use the social network. More than 32% of most-viewed Stories on Instagram come from businesses, and several successful firms have huge followings, a whopping 112 million followers […]

How to Grow Your Instagram Organically (2020)

The growth of Instagram does not seem to subside. 200 million, out of up to one billion everyday active users, check one business account or more daily. Apparently, this platform is fantastic for entrepreneurs and marketers. Yet, there are more than 20 million Instagram business accounts, which means many brands have been in a fierce […]