5 Best Pinterest Marketing Tools Compared (2019)

If you want to find out more information about  Pinterest tools to increase your Pinterest traffic and shares, this is what you must care right now!

In this article, I will show you the top 5 helpful Pinterest tools which can help you to make use of Pinterest to the highest referring social media platform. This is really helpful when you need quality organic traffic.

Benefits of Organic Pinterest Traffic

Organic Pinterest Traffic can be understood as free traffic which happens organically. It cannot be received from paid ads. This is quite hard for you to get from such social platforms such as Facebook. But Pinterest is an exception.

With Pinterest, you can see the development in the number of reach or traffic and conversions.

In fact, we have shared a post about this kind of interview with Pinterest. If you have read it, you can know why we suggest you use Pinterest tools to get more Pinterest traffic. There are many traffic, share, and even benefits for searching when using Pinterest.

With all the reason above, today we will share you such wonderful Pinterest tools we have worked with to make our Pinterest stand out. In this article, we also show you the best source of traffic to use for websites( better than for Facebook). You can be instructed to control the Pinterest strategy to make it more effectively. On the other hand, you may see some serious time or saving tools in our list below.

5 Pinterest Tools Will Help You Boost Pinterest Traffic

1. Tailwind

TailWind is a popular tool that many people use for Pinterest. It owns a reporting system and can give you many suggestions for the most suitable time to schedule your pins.

With suggested times, you can manage your pins and of course, they will reach more and more people than ever. That, in the end, will make your blog more popular to people and more exposure.

Tailwind is very user-friendly. It is easy to work with. You can learn how to use it from its short video tutorial and get started right after watching the video.

This one is also suitable and it gives about 100 pins for free and you get a free trial for the first time.

There is one thing you should care about this is that Pinterest has officially been approving this tool. That is why this is listed as one of the most popular and official Pinterest Marketing tool to develop and publish contents.

Price: $9.99 USD per month (billed annually)

2. Canva

The next tool we show you is Canva. This one is helpful in case you want to make a new blog. It can make you become a real professional graphic designer even when you not much about this field. Although you do not have enough knowledge, you can still make amazing and attractive pin images with Canva tool.

Canva is really powerful with more than 1 million images for you to choose. There are also many templates and a long list of free icons for its users. If you do not want to use available images, you can use your own pictures. It is really great if you have your own stock photos. You can use them to make your logo for the blog.

To size an image, you can easily use a drag or drop approach from Canva. If you want to move fonts, icons, shapes or text boxes, you can easily do just by some clicks, too.

Canva also supports you with many tutorials. You can learn from these to know more features of this Pinterest tool.

Price: Free, paid plans start at $12.95 USD per month

3. PinGroupie

The number four in our list is PinGroupie. This tool helps you to contribute to group boards. This way can make it easier to have a stable connection on Pinterest. With PinGroupie, you can also distribute contents in different places. One tip you need to know is that you should start with finding the boards. It is better than searching manually.

In fact, PinGroupie is to have a list of group boards which are currently live. With this list, you can contact the group owners to know if they intend to make a group board and share it with you or not. In other cases, they may need more contributors, and this situation is great for you to work with them. If you can give them good content, no copy or spam, of course, you can get what you want.

With PinGroupie, you can search for some keywords. You just need to press the keyword you want to find and the result will be shown on Pinterest.

Due to the industry sorting feature, PinGroupie can be a very strong and powerful tool that you may need. With this function, you can know some popular kinds of content that other people in your industry are using and publishing. If you can see what is missed and make it your own advantage, it is really effective for your business.

Price: Free

4.  PinFollow

Last but not least is PinFollow. This Pinterest tool is suitable when there are many people follow you. If the number of whom you have followed reduces, you have to prune some of them randomly to maintain the follower ratio. You also need to keep your feed clean in this case.

This tool is really suitable to show you the people who stop following you. With this one, you can unfollow an account even when you are on the PinFollow dashboard. On the other hand, it is quite consuming and needs painful process before you get something.

It is free to use PinFollow and it is easy to be set up. In fact, this is the easiest Pinterest tool in this list today.

Price: Free

5.  Tasty Pins From WP Tasty Plugins

Tasty Pins is a helpful Pinterest tool. If you own a WordPress website, in case you need to optimize your images to share with other people through Pinterest, this is really suitable for your site. It can be very effective to grow Pinterest traffic.

This helps you not only to optimize images but also separate your Alt-Text and Pinterest descriptions, too. Tasty Pins can even help to add some hidden images if you want to pin them.

This one is really powerful. It is easy to use. You can add this to your WordPress website or your blog, too. It gives you some key functions just like when you use other Pinterest tools.

Price: $29 USD per year


This time is the best time for you to choose a Pinterest tool to work with. The sooner you use it, the better your blog is. These above tools are really suitable for people owning a food or lifestyle website. Even when you are a mom blogger or a marketing blogger, all are suitable to choose. There are many things you can get from this Platform.

Tailwind is to help schedule your pins and help to suggest the best time to publish content.

Canva makes you become a skillful designer even you are just a beginner. PinFollow helps to grow the true number of followers. And at last, PinGroupie is a tool to help you find the best boards.

Now, it is time for you to make up your mind, what to decide after all for your blog on Pinterest?

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