5 Best Instagram Tools For Business & Marketers (2020)

Instagram represent an application that allows the users to post and share their images and videos. This tool is now becoming the largest photo-sharing application with an enormous number of users, and it is currently considered as a marketing tool for the businesses to promote their brand awareness more widely. Therefore, managing this Instagram account correctly will save you time and cost of promoting your campaign.

Instagram is a new tool of any campaigns so that if you want to manage it beyond your mobile device, you have to find the other Instagram management tools to look after your business data, your campaign process, your clients,.. This below 10 incredible tools which can support you improving your advertising campaign.

1. Buffer

Buffer is an automating social network, and this application allows you to schedule your pictures, videos in your social media account. Buffer is a well-know app for the business to manage their business social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn in a convenient way. More than that, it will analyze your campaign which executes on social media to orientate your strategies.

You can use this app in Chrome, FireFox or Safari, so you can register and start to utilize it easily. Buffer will save your time and cost for managing social media promotion.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite consist of a diverse service for the clients, and you can register one of three services: Professional, Team, and Enterprise for each three months to expand your reach and engagement of your campaign in your business Instagram account.

Hootsuite allow you to observe what your competitors are doing on social media, you can also evaluate their quality of hashtag, campaign. Thanks to that, you can analyze your campaign and use that highlight point into your project to reach more audiences.

Working on multiple social networks with a management team can be quite difficult, but with Hootsuite, it is easy to answer fans or followers, schedule your content plan. Moreover, this application will show you your strength and weakness in your strategies. But if you want Hootsuite to plan your content on Instagram, you must to devolve to this Tosh Tosh and Hootsuite will announce to agree that authority. You have to have Instagram in your mobile phone to authorize.

With Hootsuite, it easily answers fans or followers, eliminating stress when arranging responses and follow your audience’s behaviors.

3. Sendible

Sendible is a wonderful and completed application so far which allows you not only schedule your contents, but it also post directly your content on Instagram and the other social media. Sendible is a completely Instagram Management Tool.

This app will support you to execute your campaign easily and conveniently like updating your schedule content plan, automatically responding your audience, creating a report and you can use it with your team.

This tool has a version in a mobile phone so that you can use it to manage your project when you’re outside.

Sendible connect to Canva so that you can build your own picture easily and post it on your Instagram account with these simple steps: choose the Instagram’s account that you want to post content, write a message and then choose your posting time. With these steps you will enjoy a great experience your business Instagram account.

4. Later.com

The incredible application with more than 60,000 brands, companies or the influencers using. It clearly becomes one of the top Social Media Management Application. Later.com is quite famous among the bloggers, influencers and the small entrepreneurs.

5. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is an analysis platform to delve into the performance of your content on Instagram. This application, that show your insight Instagram account and allow you to manage your Social Media activities. You can measure your strategies by analyzing your growth of account. You will know how your audiences develop every day and know your audience’s behavior on social media.

The report of reach, engagement, comment or the quality of hashtag will prove you that your project is doing well or not. If you don’t estimate your quality of your hashtag, you can use Iconosqure’s tool to find the right hashtag. The comparison of your business and your competitor’s will help you have a new look and find the right orientation for you campaign.

Recommend Instagram tools


Instagram is quite known of its story platform, the tool to run your advertising is extremely easy to use and very effective. If you have the simple management Instagram app such as Buffer with the free package or the stronger platform such as Sendible, you can have an extra secretary to take care of your social media network base on your strategies.

If you’re stuck to look for the popular hashtag, Hashtagify will do it for you. It will provide you a mount of high quality and trendy hashtag which can be useful for your project. And at least, try Iconosquare to have a deeply look of your brand campaign.

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