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A lot of brands reach their followers through Instagram. With over one billion active Instagram users per month, the odds are high that plenty of your intended customers use the social network. More than 32% of most-viewed Stories on Instagram come from businesses, and several successful firms have huge followings, a whopping 112 million followers in the instance of National Geographic and over 83 million followers for Nike.

That being said, you will never be successful in this social media platform if you post unplanned content at random times. Enterprises should run their accounts on Instagram strategically, to reach as many of the target audience as they can with engaging, relevant posts. In other words, planning your posts is crucial, and you should attempt to find the preferable time to post on Instagram– with your audience in mind.

The Key Factors That Impact Your Best Time to Post

As per research by Later, the best time to share your content to Instagram is in the range from 9 am to 11 am EST. According to Hubspot, anywhen in between 2 pm and 3 pm CDT is the best, yet it goes even more detailed and identifies that the general best times are 5 am, 11 am, 3 pm, as well as 4 pm on Thursdays.

Not all, these studies demonstrate the significance of recognizing different time zones. Comparing times is difficult as some are expressed CDT and others in EST.

Going one further, CoSchedule analyzed the results of more than 20 studies to discover the most favorable posting times on every leading network. They categorized the results by industry and defined the best times (assumably standardized to an individual timezone):

  • B2B: 8 pm-9 pm, 5 pm-6 pm, and 12 pm-1 pm.
  • B2C: 8 am, 1 pm, 9 pm.
  • Higher Education: 5 pm – 6 pm.
  • Media: 9 am, 12 pm, and 3 pm.
  • Healthcare: 10 am and 2 pm.
  • Software Services: 5 pm, 1 pm, and 11 am.

Still, these are, sure, averages. They cannot reflect the local factors and nuances which affect the business. If you want optimal engagement, finding out your audience’s personal features and playing to your strong points are necessary. There is a chance that your followers are night owls and engage better with your Instagram content at 11 pm compared to how they react to an 11 am post.

In case you do not know, Instagram counts on a sophisticated algorithm to determine the order that it serves posts to users, and a critical factor is a timeliness. It is much more likely to display a more current post to somebody than the content you uploaded 12 hours ago unless that individual has shown an apparent affinity with your postings.

Leveraging Your Instagram Insights

You can rely on your Instagram Insights to discover when your audience accesses their Instagram app. It is impressive how much detail you will be able to explore from this free-of-charge analytics tool.

Thanks to Instagram Insights, you will be comprehensively specific about your followers. Creating a decent picture of what your frequent follower looks like is possible.

You can get the most out of this data in various ways, including deciding on the possible times that your audience is online. Maybe the most important use is to check whether your followers on this platform are an actual match with your target audience. What is the point of pouring out your utmost efforts in producing making Instagram posts to those who are not likely to buy/ use your product/ service? That is why if you sell models to middle-aged male individuals, yet your Instagram Insights inform you that just about any of the followers you have gained are young women, then you had better alter your content balance.

Access Your Instagram Insights

Is it the first time that you have heard of these insights? If so, now is probably an excellent time to check whether you have switched your Instagram account to a business profile. In case you do not know, this social media network does not offer insights for personal accounts.

When visiting your business profile page, you choose to tap on the “Insights” button. Doing so will open up the insights, well-prepared for your perusal. There are three categories for your page: Content, Activity, and Audience. As the name implies, the Audience section will be able to provide you with the most useful data for defining when it is optimal to post your content, even though you recommend you look into all these three parts to understand in-depth your account.

Activity Stats

This section sheds light on your account’s operation. At the top, you can see interactions of the account. This allows you to figure out your worst and best posting days. Knowing the day’s best time is excellent, yet not every day is the same. Owing to the section, you can check that there are specific days that your followers preferably engage with your posts. Please note that this data is just for seven days; hence, the possibility that it is a typical example should not be high. Make sure you come back here weekly to see if the pattern is consistent.

A lot of Activity Stats tell you a big deal about your account usage, yet few others have to do with favorable posting times.

Content Stats

With the section, you will know how your videos, images, and other posts have performed. It is a great idea to filter and sort the data in multiple ways to look for the information you want.
When it comes to your paid promotions, data regarding the types of the audience having received your content is available. Advisably, you check whether you targeted the campaigns as nicely as you intended.

Audience Stats

It will offer information about the demographics of those who are following you. Why do you not use them to know more about your follower base and compare them with your target audience and customers? Have you managed to create an Instagram account that draws the types of people that you expect to sell your product to? If you have not, whatever time you post, you will probably not attain your aim – it will be so unless you alter your content bias. Not all, you can consider launching a paid Instagram campaign to urge more suitable Instagram users to follow you. Else, it is quite worth working with influencers to get targeted traffic for your account.

Recommend Instagram tools

Use Instagram Creator Studio to Gain Insights

While we have, overall, referred to businesses on this social media platform here, high-powered Instagram creators such as influencers also desire to develop a sizable audience and run their accounts efficiently. What is more, influencers should share their Instagram content at the time their audience has most preferred.

In many ways, they may excel at doing so than brands are. These creators, by definition, have already developed a big-enough audience to influence others. They will have no problem studying their Insights to find what works with those who follow them and change their post creation and delivery appropriately.

Over the year, Instagram has made life less complicated for Instagram creators by enabling them to access Instagram Creator Studio. It used to be only available for the Facebook pages’ operators.
For your information, Instagram has rolled out Creator profiles since late 2018. They are not different from Business Profiles yet targeted at influencers. Thanks to them, users can have flexible profile controls, access simplified messaging, and more growth tools when compared to typical Instagrammers.

One of the most critical perks of the Creator Profile should be that it delivers analytics in greater detail. And it is not only for your regular content on Instagram. Creators see in-depth data about their IGTV videos and Stories as well.

Further, a clear graph is ready for creators. It specifies “When You Followers are on Instagram” and depicts growth insights. Instagram also gives them additional valuable discovery data.
Give a Lot of Attention to Your Target Audience’s Behavior

In case you missed it, on an ad-hoc basis, an overly large number of enterprises operate their Instagram other than other social accounts. They tend to forget that they run social accounts for a purpose. Some of them have not bothered to establish explicit goals, and even worse, they fail to have a purpose.

Always keep in mind that your Instagram following should match your intended audience. And to gain a “target” follower, you need to set a target.

Do your Instagram Insights tell you that the followers on your account match up fantastically with your intended customers’ demographics? If they do, do not hesitate to share the posts that will be appealing to those people. Sharing the appropriate content with suitable people at the right time is necessary. And above all, you need to be better at that than your key competitors.

Final Thoughts

From all the information in this guide, we hope you have found the right ways and times to plan your Instagram posts. Should you have any thoughts to share or inquiries to ask, leave a comment below. On top of that, thank you for tuning in, and we will see you again soon!

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