How to Boost Deliverability & Win at Email Marketing

Email deliverability is the key metrics to understand and tools for people to understand how the major inbox suppliers score your deliverability. You have used some of those tools and get insight into how they rate your deliverability. After having an understanding of your goals for deliverability as well as knowing how to measure the effectiveness of your efforts, it’s time to use actual tactics and action to make an improvement in your inbox placement.

There are many actions that can have an adverse impact on your deliverability especially when you are accelerating your list growth through tools, which results in the acquisition of many less-qualified emails requiring active maintenance. Fortunately, you can adopt numerous methods to improve your reputation as long as you identify which of these efforts are likely to have the highest return on investment for your email getting in front of your targeted audience.

Rationalize your list regularly

You need to remove unengaged users from your list regularly in much the same way as email. As success is having an engaged email list, not simply a massive one, it’s necessary to be proactive about getting rid of your list of unengaged users frequently.

Make a user unsubscribing find no difficulty

This should be done without saying and keeps repeating. Each message sent must include a working unsubscribe within the email. You will not want to hear that people wanting to unsubscribe from your email are thwarted by the complicated process.

“Click here” shouldn’t appear in an email.

It often triggers spam filters when using “click here” phrase. Be sure to include a copy in unsubscribe links which avoids spam-triggering terminology and utilizes action words and alternate phrases.

Recommend tools

All images must have an alt tag

Alt tags enable the inbox providers to read images, which not only allows them to better understand what you are sending but also displays this text.

Do list hygiene and verification

This method comes with a fee, using third-party software. However, it can be incredibly powerful especially in case your reputation is badly damaged.

Pay attention to communicate with engaged users

You should be careful not to target on unengaged people in your communication. Instead, target on your engaged base.

Keep WHOIS information up-to-date

WHOIS information, where you can assign a name and address to a domain through your hosting service, identifies your domain as a sender.

Sign email with Google apps

This ensures your email to be electrically signed to legitimize emails in a way that can be verified by a formula using a public key.

Set up Sender Policy Frame Work (SPF)

SPF configuration is used to ensure that spammer cannot send from your domain.

Set up DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

DKIM asks an organization as well as its handler of the message to take responsibilities to its message.

Deliverability can’t be improved overnight, it requires your patience by following these steps to gain achievements.

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