13 Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram (2020)

Honestly, deep down, all of us would love to gain more followers on Instagram. As far as we know, it is genuinely only a vanity measure, and how many followers you have cannot be a real guide to your influence. That being said, to a lot of people, it seems like the number of your followers has to do with the status you attain.

The ads which promise to provide you with a set quantity of followers for a pretty small price is tempting. Yet, it is your bad idea to purchase Instagram followers. Using genuine ways of getting more people who follow you is much better. Though it will take you longer when compared to buying fake followers, the followers that you have earned will make far better followers, and you will not run the risk of ruining your account and reputation.

Below, we have suggested the brilliant ideas that you can consider as an all-around package. On the one hand, you may get several followers from putting any of them into practice. On the other hand, by trying out all of them, you will achieve the best results. There needs to be a clear plan on the ways of increasing your Instagram followers and growing in the popularity of your account.

1. Optimize Your Bio

Your bio is significant. Most of the time, it is the first impression which other people have of you. It also includes the only clickable link that you can use (with several exceptions in Stories as well as shopping posts). Take care of it similarly to prime real estate.

In case you do not know, one of the most severe marketing crimes that many brands do is to leverage their bio to link to their website’s home page. The home page of a website is a general page which people find when they want to go directly to the site. It often comes with different links and can take the visitors to virtually all over the place on your website. You should be more strategic than doing so. Creating a dedicated landing page is better; it had better be solely made for visitors to the site from the social network. You can adapt how this page looks to display any message that you want at any time

2. Make Use of Popular, yet Related Hashtags

You need hashtags on Instagram to increase the number of people who can find your content. Quite a few users of this photo-sharing and social networking service search for information on topics they are interested in by searching for posts which use a specific hashtag. A general rule of thumb is, the more people who look for a hashtag, the higher the chance for them to encounter your post, and love it enough to want to become your follower.

Avoid using the boring, obvious Instagram hashtags. Use your lateral thinking. Try and show up in the feeds for as many related hashtags as you can – the focus being on “relevant”. Account for hashtag terms which are adequately close to your post’s topic and exciting enough for searchers to stop and admire your creation.

It will be best if you use long-tale ultra-particular tags which will only draw a small quantity of searcher (yet for who you have generated the ideal content), along with mass, universally trendy tags which may just be peripherally connected to your organization (yet which will lead to many people seeing your content).

Any other common use of hashtags? Produce a hashtag that is dedicated to your campaigns. You can motivate people to use it virtually anywhere – even on the roadside billboard if it suits your firm. Are you working with influencers? Then, encourage them to utilize that dedicated hashtag on the post in their campaign. What is more, tying it in with your competitions and giveaways is okay so that you can link all the entries. Promote the custom hashtags among your stakeholders – nothing is even improper when you print it on the till receipts as well as using it in the radio advertising.

3. Involve Your Target Audience’s Interest

An essential part of your account strategy on Instagram is to know inside and out the types of people that you want to focus on. Identifying a target audience for your content is necessary. It is of little use to follow any Instagram account you encounter, including an expectation that these people will follow you back. The truth is, not all followers are equally valuable to you.

Ideally, the types of those who become your Instagram followers should match your intended customers for your service/ product. After designing your bio, create posts that excite the interests of that type of person.

Consider their key demographics – their gender, age, where they live, their occupations, the ways that they use this social platform other than the problems you desire to solve with your services/ products. We suggest drawing up personas of your so-called ideal customers; in turn, they will become the kinds of people who you try to appeal as Instagram followers.

4. Follow the Influencer in Your Niche

Look into the profiles of every VIPs (also known as important people) in your niche. Do not forget to follow them as well as turning on post notifications. They tend to be the real influencers in your market sector.

No matter when you get the opportunity to interact with them, let them eventually think of you as a brand they favor. It does not mean you have to spam them with cheesy “nice post” comments. You should have amusing, thought-provoking conversations with them.

5. Create Impactful Calls to Action

Ask any marketer out there, and they will tell you the significance of Calls to Action. A lot of content marketers test various Calls to Action to decide on which is the best fit for their audience. It is similar to any marketing means, including Instagram.

Make your Call to Action in a way that it can tell people clearly what you expect them to do while allowing things to remain interesting. It may be specific to say “Click Here”, but it is usually not particularly useful. That way fails to give any indication of the reason that they should bother. More often than not, you can encourage people to share your content through your Call to Action.

6. Hold Competitions & Distribute Giveaways

People love decent competition or giveaway. Why do you not make use of the combination of the contest and your custom hashtag for more engagement? Engagement increases even further when you structure the games in the hope for more user-generated content. For instance, you could ask others to photograph themselves with your product in a specific exotic location or a creative fashion. Issuing a challenge is another great idea; when it takes off, it will be likely to boost the number of your followers dramatically.

Besides, you can reach a broader range of audiences when partnering with another account for the competition. If people become the follower to both accounts, it will be a win-win.

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7. Share Your Engaging Content

For the best result, the most crucial of all the thugs to do is produce interesting posts. What is the point of sharing the content that interests nobody? Numerous businesses share ads for their services/products, yet few people will be interested in your self-indulgent advertising posts.

Bear in mind that people follow you as they believe that you present something valuable to them. What sector you are in does not truly matter; finding content that can interest people sufficiently so that they want to follow you is significant. Even enterprises in boring industries are capable of creating posts which will be useful for their followers. What if you are an accountant? Then, you can share the content showing people the surefire ways of handling their taxes. How about landscapers? They can share videos that show viewers the tips and tricks of caring for their lawns. Every take should be careful thought as to which topics will attract and engage your intended audience.

8. Pay Attention to Your Captions

Unquestionably, many people looking at your posts have a particular interest in the video clips or images you share. Yet, it does not mean that the caption is ignorable. As great as image recognition programs can be, it is still significant to have decent captions for the search purpose.

Not to mention, some people take a keen interest in the captions for your post. Why not make use of them to specify the story of your videos/ images.

9. Make Posts That Feature Accounts Want to Share

An effective way that your account can get visible to plenty of people is whether you can motivate a feature account to choose and share your post. These popular accounts are known for curating the content of other people. Make sure that you add proper tags or hashtags to your posts.

Feature accounts are present in virtually any niche. As you can see, Instagram itself works on a Weekly Hashtag Project (#WHP) feature account that attracts many followers, who may be interested in your content and then follow you.

10. Tag Your Location

A couple of businesses sell to a specific local market. In case being local is critical to your business’ successful operation, do not forget to feature it in your posts on Instagram as well.

When you target a particular neighborhood or area in your ads, be sure to geotag the content you upload on this social channel, to emphasize to the people who follow you where you base yourself.

11. Use Instagram Stories

These Stories have been among the tremendous success stories of this platform recently. They might have been “borrowed” from the popular app Snapchat, yet they are these days substantially more popular compared to the channel that they originated. When you master the art of using Instagram Stories, you can spark interest in your account, and other people who wish to see more can choose to follow you.

Besides, Instagram Stories are more advantageous than usual Instagram posts when it comes to adding a link to your Story that readers can access by swiping up.

Plus, people who are interested in Instagram Stories are often more engaged than average Instagrammers – it will become a bonus since you get them as followers.

12. Adjust Settings That Let You Approve Tagged Images

Encouraging your fans and followers to share the posts about your products/ services is not a bad idea. Still, it is vital to maintain a certain degree of control over them. There is no certainty that everyone plays nicely. Do not wait until you have to resort to damage control since somebody has shared nasty photos about your firm, tagging you so that anyone negatively knows you.

You can easily handle this problem by accessing your Instagram options, choosing “Edit Tags” and eliminating the people you want to remove. Also, you can go for “Hide from Profile”, and such posts will not appear for those searching for your tag anymore.

To exert even greater control, you may want to alter the setting so that you need to approve any tagged images before they can show up on your profile. (First, select “Options”, then go to “Photos of You”. Follow with choosing “Add Manually”).

13. Use Your Other Accounts to Cross-Promote

For as many related people to find and become your followers on Instagram, you can promote your account on Instagram over your website, emails, your other social channels, and technically anywhere that you have access to direct other people to your Instagram account. It is particularly crucial if you already get a sizable following on one or some other social networks. Get the most out of those people to boost your Instagram numbers.


We do hope that our ultimate guide has helped you discover the best strategies that suit your Instagram account most. With them, you will be able to brag about the ever-increasing number of your followers.

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