How to Embed Instagram Feed on Website

how to embed instagram feed on website

The incredible aesthetics and promotional capabilities have significantly contributed to the ever-increasing popularity of Instagram among marketers recently.

With these capabilities, a growing trend is to integrate a feed on this social platform with the website and other online storefronts, to use Instagram to the best advantage.

But what is an Instagram feed?

It refers to finding and curating every helpful and applicable visual user-generated content (UGC) from this platform relating to a specific profile, hashtag, keyword, and many more into one feed fast and effortlessly. Altogether, they aim at embedding the feed on a website.

The Instagram feed, in essence, brings all the worthwhile UGC from various demographics into a proper place – for easy and effective marketing.

Below, we have put together some of the best tools for showing an Instagram feed on your site. Check them out!

Powerful Embedding Tools to Add Instagram Feed on Website

1. Taggbox

It is among the most favorite UGC platforms that marketers can rely on to develop trust, boost engagement, and improve conversions on Instagram by showcasing their feed efficiently all over the marketing touchpoints.

Taggbox allows you to make a fantastic Instagram wall empowered by your earned UGC with ease and in a matter of minutes.

What is most impressive about this gadget is that it introduces to you an utterly excellent UGC rights management feature. The attribute will enable you to attain the rights to the content of the users and grow your digital asset pool. Such benefits are undeniable as you own reliable and original users’ content.

Key features:

  • 14 Days free trial for all the users with a massive range of plans created by the top leaders and influencers of the industry.
  • Fast and straightforward UGC curation using profiles, hashtags, or usernames, and others.
  • Customize feed with engaging designs, layouts, themes, colors, fonts, and more.
  • Potent moderation panel with automation and excellent profanity filter to keep the optimal content quality.
  • Put in new custom posts, highlight content, promotional full-screen announcements, auto content play, to name a few.
  • Advanced analytics for performance measurement with custom Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and Application Programming Interface (API) access.
  • Real-time content updates for unique, freshness, and most current feed.
  • Straightforward feed creation and embedding without any requirements related to technical expertise.
  • Fully responsive feed design and layout with integrated optimizations.
  • Trouble-free management with powerful customer support.
  • Compatible with WordPress, Wix, HTML, Squarespace, Shopify, etc.

2. Instagram Embedding

As we mentioned above, Instagram has become one of the best platforms with great functionality. Likewise, it comes with a feature that allows you to add Instagram content to your website.

But instead of the word ‘feed,’ why have we used ‘content’?

That means, first off, you can embed just one post at a time from this platform to your site. One thing to note, for that, you need to use a desktop or a laptop for accessing Instagram. It does not work with mobile phones.

On the one hand, it is not as practical or multifunctional as other gadgets on the list. On the other hand, Instagram Embedding is advantageous in some significant ways as well.

Key features

  • Smooth and straightforward embedding process directly from the post that you choose.
  • A practical solution to highlight posts – for example, mentions, testimonials, or shout outs by famous people.
  • Quick and highly responsive without having to worry about security because Instagram itself is the source.
  • A right solution with no technical expertise requirements and free access for any user.
  • Access to a comprehensive series of content.

Bear in mind that it is not all the bells and whistles. So, there are not a lot of features available for you to use whenever or however you wish, other than the essential embedding of a post. It should be your best bet if you want just one post or two. Otherwise, consider the other available gadgets.

Recommend Instagram tools

3. SnapWidget

The tool is excellent at integrating an Instagram widget on your site. Aside from Instagram, it also delivers embedding functionality for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube platforms.

As stated on their website, it is this tool that helps grow the number of your followers or is intended for any other social platform. Its specific focus is on putting together Instagram content into a widget feed and adding it to your website for enhanced exposure and awareness.

Key features

  • Various widget layouts and designs generated for different uses.
  • Content aggregation from Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Compatible with HTML, WordPress, Zoomla, Shopify, to name a few.
  • Automatic content updates collected straight from Instagram.
  • Access to custom CSS, analytics, pop-up view, as well as reliable customer support for the feed.
  • An announcement post, along with carousel posts that showcase functionality to your feed.

Apart from these features, you will be able to unlock some of the other outstanding features if you purchase the plans at a higher price.

The fantastic features of SnapWidget are hardly doubtful. Yet, you may not want to put aside the downside – here, content updates will take five minutes or more to display. This drawback is enormous in comparison with the other gadgets on the list.

4. Flockler

This social media aggregator is useful for aggregating content from Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms into a social media feed. And Flockler will then show the feed on your website in no time.

What is more, you can display the social media feed in social walls, events, digital displays, and digital signages. The tool enables you to produce an Instagram content feed and embed it to your site to improve the time of the visitors spent on the website and perhaps conversions, accordingly.

Key features

  • Content moderation facility intended to filter the pertinent content for your Instagram feed.
  • Feed customizations with themes, designs, layouts, and styling.
  • API access to the feed for further customization to your needs and preferences.
  • Plugins for WordPress, Shopify, and Magento.
  • Different plans with different pricing options, as well as customer support facilities.
  • Data analytics is readily available for the feed.

5. Smash Balloon

It is considered one of the most popular plugins for WordPress for social feeds with the functionality of producing and embedding an Instagram feed aside from similar selections for Twitter and Facebook.

This tool is good at giving you the full freedom to make social media feeds in line with your liking and demands with extensive customizability tailored to suit any website.

While the user-generated content curation has not been touched on the website, beyond that, Smash Balloon comes with a couple of great features to provide its users.

Key features

  • Three different plans for the developer, business, and personal use with different pricing.
  • Make use of Instagram hashtags to curate content or even aggregate stories on Instagram to the feed.
  • Customize with multiple post highlights, layouts, display text, pop-up view, and others.
  • Update the content from time to time with timely support from expert developers.
  • Produce numerous feeds for Instagram without any specific restrictions.
  • Hassle-free setup that does not require any significant design or technical knowledge.
  • Selections for content moderation and posts filtering by using hashtags or keywords.
  • Feed optimization with fast responsiveness for mobile devices.

6. YotPo

The eCommerce marketing platform casts light on aggregating the visual user-generated content from Instagram and other social media platforms into a single feed and showing it on your site as shoppable content.

YotPo outright addresses itself as a business technology and built-in solutions platform which is solely dedicated to eCommerce businesses. It provides you with solutions associated with visual marketing, referrals, loyalty programs, and customer reviews.

Key features

  • Produce custom albums, product galleries, along with personalized galleries on your site.
  • Gether and curate Instagram visual content into a single feed.
  • The success manager with great dedication to offering expert advice as well as key industry insights.
  • Content management possibilities and multiple domain support.
  • Put in the additional widget on your website to collect feedback from the community.
  • Sophisticated platform management with choices of a blacklist, profanity filter, and multi-user login.

Benefits of embedding an Instagram Feed

Now that you have an idea of the most popular embedding tools in the market these days, why do you not have a quick look at how beneficial they are? That way, you will be fully confident to lay your trust in the best fit for your requirements and tap into its potential.

1. Exposure and Awareness

Owing to an Instagram feed on the website, you can cross-channelize traffic among your Instagram profile and your site, hence improving brand exposure, reach, as well as awareness among your consumers.

It is regarded as a brilliant way to better not only your communication but also promotional touchpoints with users.

In case you missed it, more in-depth exposure, reach, and awareness should be your initial step towards the website’s growth and the development of the overall brand.

2. Trust and Authenticity

Trust and authenticity are two critical factors in this digital age; they play an indispensable part in shaping the brand image and its success in the long run.

Thus, by shedding light on the authentic and trustworthy user-generated content via your Instagram feed on your site, you will be able to develop a suitable social proof for your brand.

Your customers will be more loyal to the brand. Plus, user-generated content is a robust influencer of the online behavior and decisions of the consumers – be sure you make use of it.

3. Engagement and Interactions

Any website’s primary aim is to achieve optimal user engagement since it is a direct contributor to conversions. The varied and vibrant Instagram content makes users more tentative to get involved in and become more interactive with the feed.

Not all, Instagram is known as a visual-heavy platform that has appealing visual content. In case you do not know, the visuals are a lot more captivating, engaging, and exciting to users.

It leads to the increment of average dwell time on your website, in company with improved interactions with the site. It is useful for the site’s search engine ranking, lower bounce rate, friendly discoverability, along with positive word of mouth marketing for your business.

4. Conversions and Growth

In the end, the goal for just about any website is to convert their visitors into conversions to increase their brand growth.

Being not only sales, but conversions can also be having forms filled, collecting user information, or any action that users strongly wish to take.

Thanks to the Instagram feed, you will be able to attain these desired actions from your users by creating the best shortcut to the online buying journey, and making it more straightforward, exciting, appealing, and informative, particularly for eCommerce businesses.

Increasing conversions result in a better customer base, revenue generation, and the overall growth of the brand.

Final Thought

Instagram has been attracting more than a billion active users, half of which are active daily. Not all, one-fifth of the overall users pay a daily visit to a business profile.

With these evolutionary numbers, the opportunities undoubtedly are awaiting marketers. Do not hesitate to grab them and amplify exposure, awareness, trust, engagement, and conversions. With that being said, the possibility of bringing such a vast audience to your website is zero.

So, adding an Instagram feed to your site is the optimal solution to integrate the social media’s power into your business and make the most out of these opportunities.

A general piece of advice is, go for the most suitable platform along with discovering and leveraging these perks and a lot more for your website and brand.

For the last note, feel free to comment below to inform us about which one you chose and how it benefited your business! We would love to hear from you! And do not forget to share the post with your networks if you find it is useful.

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