8 Tips to Make Your Sales Emails More Effective

As per research and statistics, the top-performing channel for communicating with your business partners and increasing contacts and contracts accordingly is still email. Yet, for those working in the business to business (B2B) sector, you may be aware of the typical pain of making email marketing campaigns with the genuine ability to generate sales.

We have practically examined the state of affairs in B2B email marketing and put together the fundamental tips to boost sales emails and reach more new clients. Well, while it still asks for resources and time, this valuable guide will help you to develop a foundation for the notable success in your email campaign.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Make sure that you use reliable business email

You cannot understate the significance of using an appropriate business email address as well as a proper sender name for your email engagement.

During your initial contact with email recipients, what do you prioritize most? To leave the strongest impression and show yourself as a reliable and trusted partner. It is your opportunity to be selected from among the competitors.

Thus, you had better use a real name rather than a nickname. Your business email address should álo include the firm’s actual name.

Reportedly, 68% of email recipients have based on the sender namer to determine whether or not to open the email. Not to mention, your business email and “from” name serve as advertisements to enhance brand awareness.

You can either set up a business email account through G-suite by Google or purchase it from the hosting provider.

Recommend tools

2. Pay attention to the subject line

Perhaps the subject line is your email’s most crucial part, as 35% of email recipients will decide to open inbox messages depending on it. With boring or spammy subject lines, the open rate often decreases drastically.

By contrast, once you manage to craft the subject line nicely, its effect will be fantastic.

Personalizing these lines is one of the best practices. Include the name of the recipient – it is a polite gesture and a critical element to make the email message less impersonal. Not all, that way, prospects will be able to know that you are not a spammer delivering emails to everyone but familiar with their enterprise.

How long should the subject line be? It is another significant aspect to think about. The practice with the highest level of effectiveness that has been proved over a long period of time-tested methods is 30 characters’ limit. In case you missed it, people these days tend to open emails on mobile devices.

If you wish, ask a question using the subject line. It should be simple, clear, and short to pique the curiosity of the recipient.

Sensational lines such as “Hurry!” “Stellar chance!” – Avoid them. A far more moderate approach is necessary for B2B style. What is more, it is not the place for jargon and ALL CAPS. Believe us, shouting and chaos will not help to get your prospective consumers to open the wallets.

3. Become a great problem solver

Before you craft an email campaign, what should you do first? Define the pain point or problem of your potential business partners. Next, your email can provide them with a real proposition of the way of tackling the problem. It is quite simple.

Do you want a clear example of a relevant message appropriately sent? Here you are: Address one of the biggest problems and goals of the recipient – produce performing subject lines – then, right away, deliver the solution and specify it.

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4. Make use of the personalization

We have already addressed the significance of using names in your email subject lines. It is an email marketing specialist’s mantra. Also, you can take personalization a lot more in-depth than that. Wonder how? By studying the target audience and appropriately segmenting it.

That means this level of personalization has to do with delivering relevant messaging and offers to your leads in line with their business specifics aside from their industry.

It is considered the minimal requirement; if possible, go even further and add any personal information which will work to make your email even more engaging to the recipient.

5. Let the recipient know you know them

Mention that fact if you have known about your email prospect. Remind them when and how you met, how about your personal connection with them, or which event you joined together.

Why can it work? The higher chances are that people deal with those who they already know. Compared to a total stranger, it will be better even when they are not genuinely close to or familiar with them.

6. Send follow-ups

As you are preparing the email campaign sequence, keep in mind that the initial message would rather be as catchy and appealing as possible. Meanwhile, follow-ups had better be timely and keep on with the campaign theme with much the same headlines.

In the case of the number of follow-ups, the inclusion of just several emails is prudent. Avoid overusing your email muscle, since each subsequent email will, as a matter of course, have less power compared to the first.

When it comes to content, you should craft follow-ups in the vein not different from the original email – yet the copy, of course, must not be identical to show that instead of being copy and paste spam, the message is a sequel.

7. Include a call-to-action (CTA) button

It is unsurprising to make this onto the list. Is not it so obvious? For sure, the email should come with a CTA! Still, the fact is, a lot of senders of sales emails fail to add a noticeable and clear CTA, while others do not include it at all.

CTA Button

If your objective is improved conversion rates, make sure you add a convincing CTA with the gripping copy.

8. Be sure that it is well-designed

Focus on your sales email design. On the one hand, it is not about being excessive or brash, yet on the other hand, why do you make business emails colorless and dull?

The most crucial thing to bear in mind is to make it a mix and match with your brand style. From fonts, color schemes, contact information, to the header with logo, and footer – all need to be uniform and in harmony with your other online assets. At all times, abide by your brand book requirements.

When sending plain-text emails, you should include the signature of the email at the bottom.

The bottom line

Apart from the best practices mentioned above, here are a few bonus tips:

  • Refrain from email copy, which is too long. More often than not, your recipients will ignore the message when they see that it is longer than expected.
  • Talk more about the pain points or problems of the client along with the solution than about your firm and yourself. Shed light on success stories and case studies, which show how the recipient will be likely to benefit from a partnership with you.
  • Avoid boring standard copy – keep in mind that the recipients have been receiving a multitude of emails each week, so you must try and stand out.
  • If you have won industry accolades or awards, mention them.

Last in order of mention but just as important, you may want to consider using pre-designed email templates. It will probably be easier than doing everything from scratch. Account for relying on an email editor that provides a range of business templates.

Get the most out of all these best practices and tips, add a small amount of creativity and imagination, and see how you can boost the results of your email marketing campaign.

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