5 Ecommerce Trends You Need To Know For 2020

Ecommerce has been evolving over the last few years, with the utilization of every innovative method to attract and maintain your attention, convince you to purchase, and allow the payment to proceed as smoothly as possible.

For owners of e-commerce business this year, the challenge is keeping track of technological advancements, a rapidly changing consumer base with increasing environmental consciousness than ever, and more intense competition.

To make your website ready for a new year, why do you not have a look at these top e-commerce trends to look out for this 2020.

1. Interactive product visualization

Customers do not feel strange with the element of pot-luck to shopping online. Guaranteeing that what you are ordering online is precisely what will turn up at your door is not easy. It has resulted in customers getting interested in seeing items in a lot more detail online.

Instead of only something in a stylized photograph, they expect an idea of how the products appear, feel, and exist in their reality. This trend is especially relevant in the fashion industry, where a lot of the larger brands have started to provide a 3D interpretation of their models.

Interactive product visualizations are known as the online alternative of visiting the shop and choosing the product. This type of presentation does more than what a shot of a unit or a nicely-written item description can achieve. With new visual approaches – for instance, virtual reality becoming more favorable, think about the detail that customers desire to see your products before they purchase.

2. Chatbots and private messaging

In the web-browsing experience, chatbots and AI have not been something unfamiliar, and it is reasonable to translate them into e-commerce. As you know, there is no time to waste in the online sales world. If the visitor is frustrated on your site and they find no customer service rep on the phone’s other end, you will be likely to lose the sale.

That is why Chatbots become a real solution that you can apply any time of day. You may want to use them to get back to customer queries and save you money on employing people to stay active on the other end of the phone every single hour of the day.

Personalization is a significant element of the way this trend will grow. On the one hand, people feel comfortable with the AI presence while online and do not have any problem relying on them to deal with an issue. On the other hand, a more personalized experience is what they favor.

Personalized email targeting and suggested product units have become hugely successful marketing tactics over the past few years. Thus, the upcoming logical trend is a chatbot with the ability to support and recommend depending on browsing habits.

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3. Second-hand commerce

Second-hand commerce, re-commerce — no matter what you wish to call it, it is a continuing trend within e-commerce set to become huge this year. Special attention to sustainability in our culture has resulted in an enhancement in need of used clothes. Ecommerce should genuinely take hold of the cultural shift as charity shops have been booming.

The market for vintage and used outfits is incredibly vast, particularly amongst environmentally-concerned younger individuals and economically-poorer ones. Some people just like to look for a bargain too.

Designing the e-commerce store to re-commerce will probably open a vast scope for drawing a secure shopping demographic. At the same time, it is not beholden to inventing and imagining f again and again by season like retailers of regular fashion are.

What is more, it lends itself to a current robust community of influencers, seeking to dive more in-depth into sustainability themselves. Just be sure that you get a reliable returns strategy worked out.

4. Social shopping on the rise

Social selling has been exploding in the last years, with Facebook alone garnering massive revenue from advertising by e-commerce businesses. With the marketplace features and paid adverts, your social media channels have been convertible into shopping platforms smoothly integrated into your daily life. With that being said, it is not adequate to just sell now. Rather, social shopping had better become an extension of your brand and attract to changing user habits.

Today, online retailers are getting more innovative and effective in their marketing on different social platforms. To stay ahead of the game, there needs to be a focus on the further decrease in time and effort from initial contact to sale. The process must become as straightforward and instantaneous as possible to get the most out of this trend and the preference of the shopper for social media correctly.

5. New payment/ purchasing options

How your customers purchase is just as crucial as what they purchase and the way they get to the checkout. People have got familiar with paying in their desired method. Account for how typical contactless payment is. Commonly, customers show a reduced willingness to accept a less advanced purchasing method.

Let it be using their PayPal, Apple Wallets, or even Bitcoin, future customers will desire to utilize the method that they are most accustomed to getting through the procedure as quickly as they can. The payment methods you provide can play a part in pushing a sale over the line or entirely kill it. That is why be sure you are following this trend.

Equivalent payment methods do not only cover what online wallets or cards you take. Purchasing through Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and other home devices is getting more popular and possibly the upcoming e-commerce battlefield. Choices such as Klarna, meanwhile, enable users to purchase now and pay later – they have appealed to a customer base which earlier on, could not be reached at all.

It can be extraordinarily hard to predict the habits and likings of customers in the future, particularly since new technologies wholly change the game. Yet, keeping track of making your website and purchasing process as considerate and personalized as you can will provide you with the best chance to remain in front of the trend in 2020.

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