How To Download Instagram Stories?

how to download instagram stories

Many people used to be sceptical as Instagram released its Stories feature in August 2016. It was the Stories model that the spectacularly successful Snapchat was wholly built on, and a lot of individuals thought the version of Instagram would tank. In contrast, it has taken only about 365 days for Instagram Stories to win over Snapchat messages in terms of the quantity. Instagram Stories got to be a huge success story, according to a testament to the way users look to find everything in a single place.

In comparison to Snapchat that only has 173 million, Instagram Stories, in January 2019, grew to over 500 million everyday users. It is approximately half of one billion entire daily users on Instagram. Not all, statistically, half of all businesses on this social platform created a story in a month. Instagram users under 25 years old increased their Instagram Story usage on average per day to 32 minutes. Meanwhile, the Over 25s amount for 24 minutes daily. It is not surprising that CEO Mark Zuckerberg regarded Stories feature as the last big game-changer from Facebook.

In general, Instagram Stories is an ideal place for you, whether you are a business finding the way to convert your users into clients or are an individual planning to promote your personal brand. It has been a critical part of the social media marketing strategy; that is why many have tried to master the art of using Instagram. This arises the demand for sometimes saving video and images from one’s own account, along with others’ accounts. On the one hand, for privacy justifications, Instagram has not enabled users to save stories from other accounts. On the other hand, there are legitimate reasons for desiring to do so, which does not need to have to do with a breach of privacy. For example, a video posted to the Story of someone else may include you, so you want to save. Else, you might wish to reuse the Story of a colleague for business purposes.

In this guide, we are going to discover the different surefire ways of saving your own Instagram Stories and the ones from other accounts not only on Android and iOS devices but also from your computer.

Without any further ado, let’s delve into the ways right below:

1. Save your own Stories

After up to 24 hours that videos and images posted to your Story stay live, they disappear. Still, it is possible to access them from your archive and even opt for displaying select stories for good as “highlights” on your profile page. It is only you who will be able to see the stories that have been saved in your archive after they cease to be visible from your account. Bear in mind that if you delete a video or photo from your Story before it recedes from view, it will not get saved to the archive.

Plus, you can save your stories to the photo library of your phone, either by downloading the whole story as an individual video or saving each video or image independently.

Here is what to do if you want to save a single clip from the Instagram Stories of your day:

  • Hit the “Your Story” icon on your feed’s upper left-hand corner to open up your own story
  • After opening your Story, tap the three small dots on the lower right-hand corner, which say “More.”
  • Follow with pressing “Save” and then touching “Save Video.”

It is when your clip will get saved in your photos/ camera roll.

Follow the steps below if you prefer saving a whole Instagram Story from the past day:

  • Press the “Your Story” icon on your feed’s upper left-hand corner to open up the Story.
  • After opening your Story, tap the three small dots on the lower right-hand corner, which say “More.”
  • Follow with hitting “Save” and next press “Save Story.”

Then, wait for that video to render. Now it should be in the camera roll/ photo folder of your phone. These instructions work on not just Android but iOS devices.

It is helpful to save stories to your phone if you plan on sharing the same content on Twitter or other social media platforms. In case you do not know, sharing your stories straight from Instagram to Facebook is more than possible, by any chance – provided that you link these two accounts. Else, you can access the Story Settings menu to opt for “Save to Camera Roll”. With this selection, Instagram will save vidéo and photos automatically to your camera roll as you add them to the story. Keep in mind that “tapping through” the saved video and photo stories on your phone is not doable since you would in the app, and will need to wait so that they can progress automatically.

Recommend Instagram tools

2. Save other people’s Stories

For still images or photos, the most effortless way of saving a story (and your own as well) is by just taking a screenshot. A lot of guides are available for how you can take screenshots on Android and iOS, yet you may not have to read through them. You will be highly likely to know how to do so by now with our simple instructions below. Note that unlike Snapchat, users do not receive a notification as you screenshot stories that they have shared to every one of their followers (even if they set their profile at the private status).

Guess what the tip and trick with Instagram Stories are? The only one is that you need to keep the Story from ticking over at an adequately considerable amount of time so that you can take the screenshot. For this, use your finger to hold the screen for preventing it from progressing and for clearing away interface elements which you do not wish to capture.

It is quite a tricker to save video stories from other accounts. Also, it needs the use of third-party software or app. You can make use of some programs for this; each of them has its own upsides and downsides. These include apps such as Story Saver Weynstag and StoriesIG. For the purpose of this guide, we are looking at the best-suited programs and apps for use on saving Instagram video stories on desktop, Android, and iOS.


In the case of Android, Story Saver is known as one of the easiest-to-use apps that you rely on to save Instagram Stories with. What is great is, this app is simple to find in the Google Play store, and it is free. It uses only 14M storage on the phone as well. Download the Story Saver app and get started by logging in with your account on Instagram. Likewise, it has the option to download Facebook Stories by logging in with Facebook.

As soon as you get logged in, feel free to scroll through every story which the users you have followed have been posting on the main page. Searching for other users with the search bar is also fine. Simply choose the image or video that you want before tapping “Save”. The photo will then become saved in the folder of Story Saver made on your phone.

While in-app purchases are not available in Story Saver, the one downside is that it has ads and relatively a lot of them. Unfortunately, it is a typical feature in many download apps. Though you save stories of other users entirely anonymously, the app recommends users make sure they get permission from the person as the owner of the content, particularly if they are looking to share it somewhere else. You can just use the “Share Story” feature of Instagram if you desire to do this.

Plus, Story Saver has a quite decent desktop website that we are getting to later.


If it comes right down to the iPhone, you can also use a lot of apps for saving Instagram Stories. While the selections are numerous, Story Reposter may be one of the most user-friendly. This app is 100% free in the App Store. Alternatively, upgrading to the Pro Package for only $3.99 is a pretty satisfactory deal if you consider downloading stories as something high-priority.

Story Reposter has released a new app which is capable of searching and viewing stories anonymously. In other words, you can watch Instagram stories without getting noticed, for no matter what reason you may wish to do so. The app fills around 23M storage space.

When downloading and saving purposes entails, this app is pretty simple to use and logging into your own account on Instagram is not necessary. Just do not forget to enable it to access the photo library of your iPhone. For this, go to the Settings app on the phone. You can get started by looking for an Instagram username. Choose the profile from the search page. You will see every story that they have been posting on the last day – both videos and photos. Account for the story you desire to download and tap on it. Once you tap on the “Share” button, opt for “Save Video” or “Save Image”. Keep in mind that the app is only applicable for saving stories posted by the public profiles.

Aside from reposting videos and images to Instagram, you will be able to share them to Facebook and Twitter as well, or primarily any service in connection with the share menu of your iPhone – for example, WhatsApp, email, and iMessage). All you have to do is tap the share button for the menu of options brought up and see the full list by selecting “more”.

Similar to Story Saver, Story Reposter uses ads that can be quite annoying. It, unfortunately, tends to be standard practice with such apps and is sure the trade-off for receiving the service for entirely free. For another drawback of Story Reposter, you will not be able to see the stories of the users who you follow automatically. Besides, if you are attempting to view and save multiple different people’s stories, searching for each one individually will take you a while.

Desktop/ PC

There are plenty of choices to save Instagram Stories if you are working on a computer. What is cool is that most of the apps mentioned above have their own website with the capability of doing the same work which their mobile apps can. For example, Story Saver has a straightforward website that allows you to download Stories in no more than three steps. On top of that, it is entirely anonymous, and there is no need to be logged in with your account on Instagram.

StoryDownloader is another valuable website that works on this purchase. It runs on much the same premise. As soon as you enter the username of the individual of whom stories you intend to download, the site will then draw up every active Story from that user. Simply follow by clicking “download”.

If you think you will download stories from time to time, you can think about installing a browser plugin as well. StoryDownloader comes with a Chrome plugin for Instagram, which performs nicely. It places a wrapper around and includes download buttons in Stories, other than the posts and even whole accounts. Thanks to the extension, you will be able to download single images or videos from Instagram Stories, or the full stories. Next, it saves a .zip folder on the hard drive, which consists of the individual posts. If you are immensely interested in backing up your complete Instagram account, this is also a fantastic selection to account for.

Another excellent choice for the desktop is the StoriesIG Chrome extension. It is easy to use it – download the Chrome IG Extension, look for the username of the person you plan on downloading a story from, and right-click on the icon of the user and “download”. You may like that the Instagram user who you have downloaded Stories from with the Chrome IG Extension will not have any idea that you have watched their story, not to mention downloaded it.

The bottom line is that all these apps and websites do relatively much the same thing. We have provided you with multiple choices in case one of them stops operating, which usually occurs with third-party apps and websites like these. All of them serve a similar purpose, with little-to-zero differences; that is why just go for whichever one you find the utmost comfort with. Whether you wish to save moments that you have had with your buddies or intend to put together stories which have been inspiring your own. Or whether you desire to do particular competitive research, these apps will all be your time-saver and let you do just that.

3. How about Live Instagram Stories?

For your information, in the case of live video in Instagram Stories, every one of the same apps performs in precisely the same way. It is okay to download the story similarly to a regular video, bear in mind that live stories may be far longer and fill much more space on your device.

Are you looking for another straightforward and sure way of saving live streaming videos? Since it plays on the device screen, you can capture it. There is a lot of screen recording apps readily available, for not only desktop users but also mobile ones. When it comes to desktop Macs, the iOS 11 Control Center has an integrated recording feature. Thus, you will not even have to install another app. It is okay for iPhone users to have iOS Screen Recorder for free. When Android involves, DU Recorder is one of the most potent free apps; it is a video editor and screen recorder with a lot of useful features. Because it is ad-supported, DU Recorder is 100% free, and it does not ask for root access to work.


We hope that our comprehensive have helped you find out the app and/ or website you are most comfortable using. With it, your next downloading task will be more effortless than ever, and at a cost that you will like – as you can see, they are free!

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