Tips for Building Your Brand on Instagram

building brand on instagram

With more than 500 millions users, Instagram is no doubt to be a social network that creates a great marketing platform. In order to reach potential customers from all over the world, your business needs to be active on this no-charge network. It can be said that the more people keep contact and follow you on Instagram, the more audiences concern your posts. Here are seven tips for growing your brand with no charge.

1. Take advantage of free Instagram tools.

Business profiles on Instagram and on Facebook are nearly alike, including a call-to-action by enabling users to email, call or text the business. Besides, business profiles have access to analytics, called “Insights” so that users can get access to impression and engagement data. If you are running a business, it’s necessary to convert your profile to a business profile so that all advantages of these options are taken. An insight into how your users interacting with your content help you make adjustments to improve your business.

2.  Connect with other social networks

If you want to easily add new Instagram followers that have already loved your brand, post across your profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc and have them follow you on Instagram. They have been interested in what you offer so invite them to follow you on Instagram is just giving them another way to get closer to your brand.

3. Don’t overwhelm your audience.

You want to post frequently so that your audiences know that your business is always available and updated but posting so often can make a negative impact: your followers may feel you are constantly on your face and this may end up their unfollowing your account. Therefore, finding out when your highest engagement occurs and posting about twice a day at this time always act well.

Recommend Instagram tools

4. Interact with your followers

If someone spends one second responding to your post, spend two seconds replying to them in details what they are concerning. That seems simple but it can create loyal customers to your brand. Moreover, a suggestion like a tag your friends to share with them can bring you a larger number of followers.

5. Create an interactive hashtag

A great way to create instant engagement is creating an interactive and correct hashtag. As long as you create a hashtag that allows customers to tag photos of them with the product they have just bought, you are successful in using a hashtag to invite more people and making your customers pleasant.

6.  Re-post from another account

You have to post many in a month and sometimes you have difficulty coming up with new content to meet up with the following, the solution is repurposing content from other relevant content. However, it’s imperative that you credit the original source in your post.

7. Being creative in connecting with your audience

Using creativity to make your profile unique with posts and especially pictures. Because the unusual things make a deep impression on people, it’s likely to leave your followers unforgettable about your profile and brand.

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