5 Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing

For a brief introduction, I am a passionate affiliate marketer by trade. While affiliate marketing is undoubtedly not for everyone, I like it since it involves skills that I cannot get enough of – for example, keyword research, SEO, competitor analysis, as well as sales copywriting.

For years, I have developed some niche affiliate sites, some of which are more successful compared to others. One of the most crucial aspects of building and growing this type of site is finding the appropriate WordPress theme.

With a multitude of WordPress themes in the current market, it is challenging to select a suitable item for developing a thriving affiliate site. No worries – I am here to help you out with these surefire tips and tricks when looking for the most excellent and proper WordPress themes, especially for you to install on your new affiliate site. Above all, I am putting together some of the best products for your consideration.

Things to consider when looking for the best theme

Mainly, what do you need to account for?

1. The Speed of the Page

As you know, page speed is critical. Not only from the perspective of Google but also more so from the one of user experience. While a lot of things can have to do with page speed, the theme that you are relying on can be a significant burden.

Look for sites that use the theme you desire to purchase and run them through a couple of various page speed tools. Not all, you can leverage the demo site of the product and do a speed-related test on it. Doing so can give you specific, genuinely insightful clues around the impact level of the theme on the page speed.

2. SEO Friendly?

I would instead not address this criterion since SEO (Search engine optimization) is so complicated that I cannot say that a specific theme is “SEO friendly” – to say nothing about “SEO ready.” That being said, a lot of themes make that claim, as well as mentioning vague and random things to support that claim.

Let me say this. If your theme is nicely-coded, clean, loads quickly, comes with a fresh feel and look, and is updated from time to time, then you can assume in a safe note that the theme is friendly to SEO. It is the foundation that you should create and grow your site so that it will be able to rank in Google. Yet, in the end, it depends on you, your competencies, and the amount of effort you are going to pour into.

3. Ongoing Updates

Do not count on the ones that have not been updated in a certain amount of time. Amid the rapid evolution of the Internet, it will be necessary that themes evolve and adapt as well.
It will be best if the software development team keeps on with updates of their software, if possible, on a set schedule. It is to deal with bugs and issues (which will not be able to avoid) and to release new, necessary features.

4. Simple Look

On the one hand, different people have different opinions on this. On the other hand, as far as I know, for the best results. You may want to think about developing affiliate sites with a clean and simple look. The general rule of thumb is, the less clutter is synonymous with less distraction; thus, there will be more chances that your readers will click the handy affiliate links.

5. Freeness of Unnecessary Features

Selecting a theme with tons of great features can be tempting. I get it.

But, keep the reality in mind – you will not be using most of these attributes. Not to mention, all these fancy attractive additional features will make the theme heavier.

It stays consistent with criteria three and four. What you do expect is a lightweight theme with a clean appearance and feel, aside from excellent page speed out of the box.

6. Decent Support

With just about any theme, you can sneak a look at their support forums. Make use of them. Take some time to see essential stuff – for example, what has been going on in there, what kinds of issues users tend to report, and how the developers have responded.

It will be likely to give you deep insights into not just the quality of the theme you have an eye for but how well the support they deliver.

For instance, GeneratePress has introduced to users an ultra-active support forum, and if you look into it, the support being offered is top-notch.

5 Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Sites (2020)

To stay away from random clutter, I am going to keep the list short and sweet. I have tested the following themes myself, so I feel confident that you will find your suitable one after referring to them.

Most of them are lightweight and not overly full of fancy bells and whistles. It is what quite a lot of people, at least for me, think themes for affiliate marketing had better be like.

1. ThriveThemes’ Focus Blog

Sure, the Focus Blog theme is the most remarkable WordPress theme for any type of affiliate website. I have counted on it for some of my sites. It is considered one of the most favorable when Amazon affiliate involves and comes with a couple of fantastic features that help you produce impressive affiliate articles.

What is more, you will hardly be doubtful about the support the ThriveThemes team provides. It is simply excellent.

Sad but true, ThriveThemes has put an end to this theme on sale, because they are planning on releasing their theme builder soon. Are any of you eagerly waiting for the upcoming launch like me?

2. GeneratePress Premium

You can extend this extra light, free theme with their Premium plugin, which includes some practical modules. Thanks to the plugin, you can identify yourself what modules you plan to use and which ones you would prefer to keep deactivated.

By adding the necessary modules and customizing the theme to your demands and wants, GeneratePress does not disappoint any WordPress blogger. Not all, it provides ready-to-go templates. After selecting the one that you like from the library, all you have to do is import its settings into the website.

If you like, doing particular subsequent fine-tuning is okay, and your site will be all set in mere minutes. GeneratePress delivers unlimited customization selections, which makes it incredibly powerful, while not adding any unnecessary bloat.

3. OceanWP

This theme is free and lightweight. You can extend it by getting the Core Extensions Bundle or by buying individual modules.

Owing to its lightweight attribute, it is an excellent foundation to build on. In terms of features to add, it is up to you. Choose what you would like to include in your theme setup. This user-friendly approach has put OceanWP on the top list of the most rapid loading themes out there today.

OceanWP has received plenty of 5-star reviews, which somehow proves that I am surely not the only one to be not able to get enough of this theme.

4. Astra Pro

The favorite Astra theme was created with site speed in mind. That is why it is extraordinarily lightweight and built based on a modular approach.

Like GeneratePress, the Astra theme is free. Of course, you can improve it by buying the Pro version. This enhanced version enables you to activate a few features that you think are right for your new affiliate site.

Besides, Astra is developed in a way that is compatible with leading page builders, say, Beaver Builder and Elementor.

Notably, it has some conversion-optimized, plug-and-play, site templates dedicatedly designed with the page builders. Importing any of the templates that you favor is not a big deal.

5. Schema

Last but not least, I would like to add Schema in this list of most outstanding WordPress themes for affiliate marketing. It has served the blogging community excellently for some years now. This product is another lightweight theme and optimized websites that use it attain fantastic page load scores on not only WebPageTest but also Pingdom.

What the theme satisfies me most is its layout, which allows for your straightforward, pleasant experience as a user. That, along with excellent page speed, generates the flawless foundation for your successful affiliate site.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about making a new affiliate site (either in the hope of growing it huge and authoritative or in a less sizable niche), all of the themes mentioned above will be your safest bet.

They are all up to date with current HTML/CSS and coding standards, are reasonably lightweight, provide features that deliver value, and bring a modern appearance and feel.

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