5 Best Keyword Research Tools Compared (2020)

Keyword research is one of the most important keys of any search campaigns we have ever known. It is the first and foremost step that we must take before joining a business. Having a suitable strategy of such necessary keywords can be a short road to build your success. There are many tools for you to use to set up an effective plan with the list of SEO keywords.

The fact is that it is not easy for us to start at the beginning. That is the reason why we are writing this to share with you the best SEO keyword tools to choose for your startups. We hope you can set a stable campaign yourself.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Because Google is very very popular to any one of us, we suggest you know its research tool to work with. Google keyword planner is suitable for Adwords and millions of people using it day by day. Although this is not designed to meet all your demand, this is free and easy to use.

The advantage of Google Keyword Planner is that it is really effective and very friendly to beginners. If you just want to spend time and find out short and quick information such as search volume and keyword ranks, this is really the one you should choose. You just need to press the keyword you want to know and then you can get the information you need. You can get the basic knowledge of it to use for your work.

Of course, this also has some drawbacks that you should check out before making the last decision. Frankly, Google keyword planner is not really relevant and elegant in some cases. You can see that other research tools can give you better answers to this problem. In case that you turn on the search criteria when searching, you can hardly get the detail and closed number at last.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is also in the list of best SEO keyword research tools today. This is among one of the most effective ones that you should care about. This can be used for both short and long keywords. It is also suitable for PPC and organic traffic, too. One of the most important things to care is that SEMrush can allow you to get access to more than 131 different countries all over the world.

One more advantage of this tool is that it gives you much data than you may think of. It helps you to know how many searches of the keyword is getting, and even many different keywords, too. It also lets you know the CPC Adwords price for different keywords and get the right number of the results.SEMrush is the tool to show you the competition level of such keywords you want to know.

This too is really very effective and helpful. It even can show you many keywords which can be matched with the phrase you search. More than that, it gives you the results of both organic and PPC searches, too. In conclusion, this one lets you know the rank of your competition and which asset is incredible to own.

3. KW Finder

One more tool we want to suggest is KW Finder. This tool is quite like the Google Adwords tool. What is the difference between these? It can pull up the same or similar results for you. These results are not as nearly on-point as the results you get from SEMrush and Moz. A tip for you is that if you set up time into manually in filters, such as additional or negative keywords, you can get a better result.

This one also has many things the same as other tools. It shows you keywords suggestion and also give you the trend time for a period of time to compare. It even gives the number of searches as well as competition level, too. It is effective and works smoothly.

What people love about this one is its data. KW Finder shows the top-ranking sites of the keyword you search. It, of course, gives helpful information you need such as the number of external links related, the number of Facebook shares, the number of people visiting each month and even the page authority. With all this detail information, you can get a chance to know where your page is in a list of many websites and now your own strength to compete with others. You do not need to conduct many searches but can get enough things to care.

Recommend Keyword Research tools

4. Keyword Tool

The number four in our list today is Keyword Tool. This name is simple, as what it is. This is to give you the first step to do keyword data mining. This one uses Google data to make its research and gives the users a database for keyword searching, both for long and short keywords. If you choose the Google Keyword Planner, you can also use this tool, too. Because the first tool is designed mostly for advertisers, In many cases, it can not give you results for long keywords but Keyword tool can manage this problem.

The advantage of the Keyword tool is that it is a free tool which can help you get access to more than 750 keyword suggestions. You just need to sign up and use the pro version to get the allowance to see data search. With the pro version, you can know the competition level, search volume, and CPC on Adwords. You can even export the last result to CSV.

One more great feature of Keyword Tool is its help for long tail keywords. This lets you work with Youtube, Bing, Amazon, and many more popular websites. You can even work with the App Store. SO cool!

The database of Keyword Tool is also a good thing for you to use when making relevant keyword searches. It is so helpful in case your search engine competitors do not allow you to be aware of this.

5. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer will be the most suitable research tool in case you really need more data. Of course, free tools are cheap but in such cases, you should pay money to get information. With Ahrefs keyword Explorer, you can get access to a really huge database, abut 6.1billion keywords for 170 countries. Really amazing!

This one gives you chances to get accurate results for many keywords, from the number of people who clicks on your website, and you can know the traffic that your content can get each day. For example, using Clicks and Clicks per search can be a good way to get the traffic you want.

It is really great because not many other tools can help you understand the meaning of strange languages. Ahrefs Keyword Explorers can give you the unique algorithm to know exactly Keyword Difficulty, from the ranking-backlinks which can be gotten from Google.

Although this one is not really free, it also gives you a chance to get familiar and try it with a demo for 10 keywords to do research.

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