5 Best Email Marketing Services Compared (2020)

best email marketing services

Are you intending to learn email marketing step by step? We all know that this is the best way for you to keep in touch with visitors. Email marketing allows you to build a stable relationship and make visitors your customers in the future. That is the reason why you have to choose the best email marketing services, it is the key to your success.

Each service has its own unique set of features, but there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed. There are many kinds of email marketing services. Each of them has its own features. But don’t be confused, we are here to help you! This article below will show you different services in comparison with each other. So you can choose the best you want for your business.

Is Email Marketing necessary for you?

If you have a good website, which has high traffic, email marketing is what you need to care about. It gives you a chance to keep up with the visitors day by day, even when they are not on your website anymore. There are some benefits to email marketing:

Make a visitor comes back on your website: it is said that there are about 70 % visitors will not visit your website again. But if you have a list of your visitors’ emails, you can make a connection with them through emails with appealing content.

Have a stable following: Visitors who often return your web can be your customers soon. This is more likely than first-time visitors. Many kinds of research show that a visitor will come back your website 3-4 times before buying your products.

Push up sale figure: Email marketing is even much better than social and organic search traffic. If you want to make sales, you really should think of email marketing.

How to choose an email marketing services?

If you can choose the most comfortable email marketing service, you can start your business with success. It is because not all email marketing companies can give you the right and the best solution for your business. You may be confused with a lot of choices for email marketing solutions. So how to choose the best one? We are here to make it clear for people like you.

Some things you need to pay attention to when finding the best email marketing service:

  • Easy to use: if you choose an email marketing service which is easy to use, it is really important and one of the keys to your business.
  • Automation: You should care about the automation of each email marketing service to know if it meets your needs or not.
  • Is it reserved to industry or not?: see if the service is used in a certain industry or not? You know that ConvertKit was built mainly for publishers. Choosing the wrong service is so pity. Find out carefully about your business requirements and get the best solution.
  • Price: Of course, you need a tool which can fit your budget.

With all the above, now we will compare to see the best email marketing services you may need for your work.

Recommend tools

Top 5 Best email marketing services

1. Constant Contact

This is very popular in the world. Constant Contact is suitable for just a small business. It includes a lot of customizable email templates so you can easily start with it in a short time. The first step to start with this is advice to choose your industry and it also suggests about your experience with email marketing services. From your selection, it will show you suitable content and some tips to be better with email marketing. It even helps you to start with live chat or discuss in the forum. There are many resources to use.

2. Aweber

This is also in a list of most popular email marketing services people often use. AWeber fits small business. It gives us the necessary tools to level up your list of emails. With this long list, you can design your own templates, newsletters with some clicks. You can also have a system of automatic email with mobile-responsive signup forms. This is suitable for any devices. One more thing is that you can integrate it with a WordPress website or even landing page. AWeber is easy to use and you can get 30 days free when using it. You can get a chance to use its all valuable premium tools to use for your business. Like Constant Contact, you can also use live chat, use ticket-based emails and phone, too.

3.  MailChimp

MailChimp is not only a service provider. It helps you with email marketing and also allows you to make your visitors become your customers. Its features are very effective and suitable for both local business and big companies with amazing growth. It is also affordable even you are just a blogger. With MailChimp, you can build your own landing pages and get more visitors to promote them buy your products or subscribe to your channel. MailChimp is also a tool to connect your WordPress website. It is also able to connect an eCommerce store, too. Of course, you can get access to many apps which are all ready to be used.

4.  GetResponse

This is a software that makes your email list more appealing. You can get a lot of nice emails and even high-converting signup forms with this. GetResponse has a modern user interface which can increase your newsletter campaign. It is easy to use.  This one is also bundled with many features used for online marketing to really grow your sale figure. You can build a host webinars right on your own web. You can even get attractive landings pages to get more potential customers. GetResponse gives you chance to use live chat, email, and phone, too. It can give you a list of marketing resources with whitepapers, videos, courses and more. There are many aspects of email marketing in it. It is fast, beautiful and easy to use.

5. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is designed simply. It is easy to use and fits even a beginner. You can use this to send transactional messages. It is reliable. An advantage of SendinBlue is that its price is not fixed. It depends on the numbers of email that you send. This one also gives you free-trial with a short list of contacts. When you use it, you can send email up to 9000 accounts each month. SMS credits are sold for a long time with no expiry date.


After reading all the above, you can now choose your own email marketing service. Some are suitable for small business, such as Constant Contact. It has many features so you can use all to build a strong email list. It also gives you free-trial up to 60 days. You can use this in two months before deciding to buy it or not.

On the other hand, if your website is an eCommerce one, you need to choose a different email marketing service. You also need to divide your email list into many small groups, based on different behaviors. These groups are first-time visitors, return visitors, abandoned carts. You can use XXX service in this case. It allows you to trigger action-driven campaigns for each small group.

In case you are a blogger, you have many subscribers and get a long list of emails, you should use XXX. It is really suitable for blogger and publishers.

In conclusion, we hope you all and get helpful information after reading this article. Wish you choose the best email marketing services that meet your needs.

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