5 Best eCommerce Platforms Compared (2020)

It is not easy for you to choose the best and most suitable eCommerce platform. Why? Because there are many factors that you need to care about in such a wide market. In fact, your last decision is very important to your business, that is the reason why you must think over and over again before giving the last answer. This article is a short way for you to decide better. We will show your top 5 different e-commerce website builders. You just need to read carefully and make your own decision at last.

What is eCommerce Platform?

To easily understand an eCommerce platform, we would say that it is a part of the software, which can help you to set up your own online store and start an online business. With an e-commerce platform, you can easily create and control a website with many kinds of products. You can also manage the operation of this website each day in details with drag and drop functions. It means you can get familiar with this even if you are not good at IT. So that if the first step to start your own online business.

Benefits of eCommerce Platforms

  • Easy to use: Before the appearance of the e-commerce platform, online business is something that is so difficult to start with. You had to set up the functionality without any help. Even when shopping carts were introduced, you still need knowledge about IT to manage your website. But now, everything seems to be so easy and simple with plugins of an e-commerce platform.
  • Reasonable: You do not need to worry about your budget when choosing an E-commerce platform. It is cheap, reasonable and even free.  This way can save a lot of money for you, and of course, you can use your money to develop your business. Even when you spend money on this, you can also get a lot of chances to solve technical problems.
  • Adaptable: When using an e-commerce platform, you can have more time to focus on running your own website. It allows you to develop your business without caring much about web hosting, update, likes or security.
  • Willing to support customers:  Using an e-commerce platform means that you can be helped whenever you need or are in trouble. Because open source solutions Open source solutions ( WordPress) are controlled by a community so it is great for you no matter what time it is. Even in the early morning or late at night, someone will help you with your problems.

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5 Best eCommerce Platforms (2020)

As what we share above, you can know some basic things about eCommerce platforms and in this part, we will introduce you 5 best of them with advantages and disadvantages of each one. You can have enough information about these 5 ones and can decide what is suitable for yourself.

1. Shopify

Shopify is among the top most popular eCommerce spheres in the world. It is an amazing solution with many features and be known by more than 100.000 users.

Shopify, in fact, is a kind of commerce platform, which is very easy to use, especially for beginners. You just need to sign up, press your email and then set up your own shop as instruction. It also allows you to create and sell products right away. You can even make contents with SEO features, add meta description to sell better.

This eCommerce platform even gives you many free mobile-optimized and nice themes. You do not need to use any coding but just with some clicks and make a big change.

Besides these, this platform can offer the best support via your email, your phone or Twitter. Its support is 24/7. More than that, online forums can be a good way to solve your problems with other users’ help.

Shopify allows third-party payment gateways to work well and offer beautiful and effective apps and a wide range of functionality to add to your own store and website.

Last but not least, it also sale channels with software and hardware which you can use to sell things at your stores or integrating with popular websites such as Amazon.

Besides many advantages, the drawback of Shopify is that its fees for plugins, themes, and features. You can also need to care about transaction fees in case you do not have a built-in payment system.  One more thing to care is Shopify own language, known as Liquid. It will be a bit complicated to use coding yourself.

2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the best platform for small business. It offers eCommerce solution as  SaaS platform and shopping cart for different websites. In fact, it is quite like Shopify.

BigCommerce gives users many management capabilities. It allows you to use a lot of features and tools such as promotions, coupons, discounts, unlimited product variants and so on. It also a good solution for your online store with flexible shipping options, with live quotes and rate calculations.

This one is like Shopify, allows your website to integrate with Amazon and social network such as Twitter or Facebook. It means you can easily sell the products through many different sales channels. You can use many marketing tools, which can be under granular controls.

BigCommerce has many APIs which makes it more customized and flexible. It also has many apps store with helpful extensions so you can develop email marketing or product promotion if you want.  It even can give you 40 different options for payment process. What is more, you do not need any transaction fees! Amazing! More than that, BigCommerce also give its users wonderful templates and you can design your own website ad the way you want. A large support system is also a big advantage of this platform.

One drawback of this one is that it only gives you 7 free templates. Other themes need fees and some are a bit expensive. In some case, the design is not really easy to use and BigCommerce also does not have any native POS features. If you need an abandoned cart saver, you will need to use much money for this. Think about it!

3. Wix Stores

Wix Store is a kind of website builder which allows users to set up their own webs via drag and drop. It also gives many features so you can use to make a great online website to start selling things.

An advantage of Wix is that it is friendly to users, easy for beginners. Yo do not need to use coding but just drag your content and easily edit until you feel satisfied with it.

One more great thing to care is its amazing templates, more than 500, which are all made for online stores. It also gives you beautiful stock images to use for your web.

You can even use a shopping cart with many features which are in functionality. May wonderful apps are also offered. It is also fully hosted, too.

There is one thing you should consider about Wix is that it is not a pure one. In fact, it is a website builder which means it is not capable of selling things online. It may have a limitation in this field. And the last thing we share about this is that you can not change the template later, choose the best for you and then publish it.

4. Magento

This one is a kind of WordPress eCommerce platforms. It allows you to download and install with your servers. It is a part of an open source software which offers a hosted cloud version.

Magento can give you a lot of rights to control and manage your website. If you have knowledge about IT, you can easily set up a wonderful website by changing anything you want. You can choose the best design or server environment in this case. In case you need the cloud edition, just contact the sales department to have what you want, starting with a demo.

There is a long list of benefits that Magento brings its users. If you choose this one, you can use its membership subscriptions, discounts, chances to adjust content or recurring payment as well.

You can even develop and extend your business via the marketplace. Magento gives you many plugins to choose and a lot of themes to use. If you have a multilingual website, Magento is really what we would advise. This can help you separate your websites for many languages. You can also get a lot of support when improving new plugins or themes.

Magento also has some disadvantages. First of them is its limited resource. You need to spend money to make it more optimized. Spending time to care about security and updates are also in the list of should-do things. You also need necessary chops in case you want a better and more meaningful ( in case of Community Edition). If you use Magento with Cloud version, you should care that this one is set up for enterprise clients.

5. Squarespace

This eCommerce platform is quite similar to Wix. Being a website builder, Similar allows users to make their online store by drag and drop. From the first moment, Squarespace tried to bring an appealing website. Until now, it has brought us a greater version of a full-fledged eCommerce platform.

This one is also very friendly to beginners. It is simple to start with. Squarespace gives you many elegant templates and it also comes with mobile responsive capabilities. Because of its special features, Squarespace is also suitable for selling things at high-quality imagery.

Squarespace also offers many options for users such as unlimited products, shipping, inventory management, and coupons. It integrates with Shipstation.com to bring customers a better way of shipping.

This commerce platform even gives us great data points to make your website more optimized, including revenue, traffic source and so on. It also offers SEO tools and social media, blogging and many others to make your site more effectively. One more advantage is that SSL is built into this kind of platform.

To say about the drawback of Squarespace, it is quite restricted in features. It gives just limitation for payment options and does not give a wide choice for complex shops with a long list of products to work well. This platform also does not offer any marketplace for apps. It does not allow you to make your website better and more flexible. This one just integrates with a very short list of third-party tools and services.a

Choose The Best eCommerce Platform for You

Choosing the right eCommerce platform is a great step to start your business. It allows you the right to use wonderful features and amazing functionality for your online website.

But choosing the best one is not easy, in fact. So many factors will make an effect on your last decision. Besides that, many kinds of platforms on the market make it difficult to odd one out. Just by knowing well what you want, you can, at last, find the best answer for your demand. It is said that these are the top 3 to be chosen: Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix. What about your choice now?

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