5 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Boost Ranking

email marketing boost your ranking

Almost all people cannot see the relationship between an email and SEO. However, email is actually able to boost SEO and website rankings in many different ways.

Organic search and email are the two main channels driving the most attention to a website. It’s up to 51 percent of people discover websites through email marketing, according to a search by Conductor.

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Email doesn’t directly connect with a search engine to impact your website rankings or SEO. Nevertheless, you can leverage email marketing as a tool to encourage others to give a hand in improving your website rankings. Here are the ways it acts.

1.  Create more social signals

Despite the fact that Google has never publicly admitted it, the social activity of a link strongly affects its ranking on Google. A study on 23 million shares shows that the top four ranking positions on Google are the ones with Facebook and Google+ activities. Hence, it can be said that social signals play an important part in SEO that is often unaware by most marketers.

Getting people to share your content through social media is easier with an email list. Whenever you publicize a post, you can send a newsletter asking your loyal subscribers to share the link or you can also attach social sharing buttons in your email that makes sharing more convenient for your followers.

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2. Reduce bounce rates

Google ranking always includes a website bounce rate which determines whether or not a website offers relevant information to its visitors. It is when people visit a page of your website and immediately leave without taking any action or visiting additional pages that are counted as a bounce.

If your blog posts and landing pages have a higher bounce rate, Google will rank them lower in search results. The best way to get rid of this is to produce high-quality and relevant content and by attracting more engaging users.

3. Create an online email archive

It’s a fact that great emails often get forgotten after you hit send no matter how unique you try to make it entertain subscribers. However, there is a way you can repurpose emails to improve SEO.

Creating an online archive of your email newsletters and letting your website’s visitors browse your past newsletter is an effective strategy allowing you to make most of your efforts. You can also convert your email newsletter into PDF files and keep them on your website archive. This acts as a way of getting more chances of your newsletter being indexed on Google.

4. Ask for the product reviews

If your targeted audience is the local one, then improving your local search ranking is just as important as with SEO. According to Moz, 13 percent of local search rankings are affected by the quality and the number of reviews a business gets. And you can get more reviews for your business and products by asking your most loyal audience with a link to your Google My Business page or asking for a rate.

5. Create better content

It can be said that having an email list is a platform that gives more in-depth information about your target audience. You can use this information to create better blog posts and video not only attracting an ideal audience but also ranking well on Google.

Email is a powerful marketing tool that can be useful in promoting and growing a business. Use it to connect with other websites, blogs and influencers to have more benefits from it.

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