5 Tactics for Selling More Effectively on Instagram

With a statistic of more than 200 millions daily stories of active account and more than 700 millions users every month, Instagram is considered one of the most popular social media in the world. As we know, commercials on the television and radio can make people change the channel. Hence, if the platform is properly utilized, you can gain an effective way of showcasing your products and directing your selling to targeted customers. So long as you have high-quality advertisements and these selling tactics, you can succeed in selling on Instagram.

1. Create shopable content

Instagram Shopping is one of the best choices which links your products to your images and enable you to publish your selling in the simplest way. Its aesthetic value can attract those who are not intending to buy products. And people who have the desire to buy products also have a chance to explore more when Instagram requires no fee for transactions.

2. Leverage Instagram ads

Instagram Ads

Through the Facebook ads, Instagram ads can have the attraction of its users and promote them to click to your websites. Another way is using a tool like “Owlmetrics” to drive attention to your website by trackable links. The number of your audiences and traffic to your website is the most significant thing in selling on Instagram. High-quality ads allow you to capture your audience’s interest but then you have your own way to convince them to follow your website.

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3. Spread user-generated content

If you see ads on Instagram, you can reckon their quality but once user-generated content is shared, it’s no matter. A sense of trust in the quality of a product can be raised when user-generated contents appear. Sixty-three percent of young people are a number of people who would prefer to see a real person in the advertisement. They want the experience of the last purchaser for their belief in the products.

4.  Co-operate influencers

There are a lot of influencers on Instagram and they can help you drive them to your products or services. Paying for a post and get influencers to call for your products is the simplest way to position your advertisement non-spammy. However, you should find the alignment between your products and the influencer’s audiences to advertise your products effectively. Then do a contest in the number of people follow your ads and the influencer’s ads and find the impact of your influencer. Finally, you can collaborate with influencers in rating the percentage of the sales they drive

5. Take advantages of Instagram’s features

It can be said that Instagram launches new feature very often, which create sales opportunities. Instagram Stories is quite new but it has up to about 200 million active users. This enables you to get closer to your customers especially when Instagram charge no fees for advertisement.  Instagram can offer you a platform to convert audiences into real customers if utilized in a natural way.

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