4 Tips to Leverage the Power of Instagram to Grow Your Email List

A great way to discover more customers and be discovered by them is through the social network. Although Instagram is a pretty self-closed network and it’s a bit difficult with this social network, collecting emails on Instagram is important. It can be said that email lists have the best ROI-strongest royal level and it depends on you to make email lists the best marketing channel. Hence, Instagram is actually a lead-generating tool to attract the audience with email lists if done correctly.

1. Mention it occasionally.

Asking your existing followers to sign up for an email is the simplest way to start a list. However, it is advisable to balance the frequency of the asking because it can cause annoyance and the result is that you won’t have a new subscriber as well as lose a follower. Post something to highlight the benefits of signing up for your email and do that once in a while. This may be insider previews, promotions that nowhere else to be found as people follow you and sign up for your email, allowing you to be in their mind.

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2. Gradefully direct them off Instagram.

Your bio link is supposed to send them to a landing page instead of wandering around your website. Create a special page where you can control all your visuals, texts, and any multimedia and put a signup form on this page giving people reasons to join. This page acts as a way to continue a cohesive brand experience of the app.

3. Provide them with a reason to leave the app.

Offer followers to leave the app and visit your website by sharing URL or explaining in your bio what is in it for them. Besides, let them download valuable features for their exchange for emails. It could be free resources such as e-books, checklists, whitepapers or any other resources useful to your followers. It should be worthwhile content that you put out since if your readers are disappointed, it will be a great loss for your company’s reputation.

4. Advertise

You have a variety of tools to target to right people with Instagram ads running through Facebook. All you have to do is creating a beautiful and with a short description and a call to visit your website and landing page. You should also set up a thank-you page for the track of people visiting your page and those signing up an email.

It can be no difficulty growing your email lists and driving leads for your business with the help of “more traditional” platform like Instagram. All that is needed is your creativity in execution.

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